15 Appropriate Movies for Spanish Class 2024

By Allison Wienhold

originally posted 5.14.18 by Allison Wienhold & most recently updated 5.1.24 on Mis Clases Locas

Inside: Movies for Spanish class that would be perfect to show in a middle school Spanish class, or a lower level or more conservative high school Spanish class that have a cultural background. Spanish class movies, Spanish Disney Movies, Spanish Netflix movies, and more. Best movies to learn Spanish in Spanish Class with Spanish movies for beginners. 

15 Appropriate Movies for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Movies for Spanish class

It used to be that films were a taboo thing to use as a teacher. Teachers who use movies are sometimes judged as not actually teaching. If it is The Lion King (El Rey Leon) in Spanish like I watched every year in high school, maybe I get it. I have heard of schools that say teachers can not use movies at all for the reason that some teachers overuse them.

But, once I found culturally rich films that could enhance my instruction in Spanish, I realized it could be a win-win for everyone. Plus, for teachers with many preps, having a well-planned film unit can give teachers a much-needed break from providing input at every level, every day.

Are you looking for the best movies to learn Spanish? There are a lot of films out there that are perfect for upper-level students. (Such as  New Documentaries to show in Spanish class).

I knew there was a need to find Spanish movies for beginners. So, I wanted to specifically focus on films for middle school or lower-level Spanish. I know when I taught middle school exploratory, we always watched a film at the end, since I did not have to give that group a final.


What Audio & subtitles for movies in Spanish class?

Depending on the group decides which audio and subtitles I use. This really depends on what your goals are for class, and if the teacher will be present or not. If you are using Nextflix, check out this post on how to change the audio & subtitles. 

  • Upper level – Spanish audio & Spanish subtitles
  • Spanish 2 – Spanish audio & Spanish or English subtitles (depending on the purpose)
  • Spanish 1 or Exploratory – Spanish audio & English subtitles for Spanish movies for beginners
  • Culture or nonlanguage class – English audio & no subtitles

15 Appropriate Movies for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas


What movies for Spanish class?

I know you might be asking, What is the best movie to learn Spanish?

If you are looking for Spanish movies for beginners, here are films that I have personally shown in Spanish class and would recommend for lower-level students. This list was originally 5, but is now up to 15 films! (As with everything, please preview to make sure that it is something that would be appropriate for your school culture). Update you can find all of my ready-to-go movie guide resources in my shop here. So now you have the option to get the movie guide from the Mis Clases Locas shop or TPT. 

The newest movies for Spanish class – The new Disney film Wish & The Casagrandes Movie on Netflix. 


The Best Spanish movies for beginners in Spanish Class

I have sorted the movies below from the youngest age I would use the film with to the oldest. See below for lots more info about each movie. 


Spanish Kids Movies



Spanish class movies - Mis Clases Locas

First, for Spanish movies for beginners, this newer movie Vivo is available on Netflix. My sons actually found this cute animated movie and I fell in love with the music and story. If you want a fun movie for Spanish class, I have a film guide that can be found here on TPT or here directly from me.

The film Vivo is set in Cuba and South Florida and has a positive Afro-Latinx representation. It has great music, including songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Gloria Estefan. Plus, the songs even change to Spanish if you change the Netflix audio! It is rumored to be based on the life of Celia Cruz (who I love!). Vivo is PG and animated, so it would work well for elementary all the way to high school. It would be perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month. Find more resources for the film in this Vivo blog post.



Spanish class movies

Next, the newer, animated Disney movie, Encanto, is set in Colombia with an all-Latinx cast. It is a musical with a strong theme of family and being yourself. There is a ton of culture from Colombia in the film, which I include in this blog post. Magical realism is a strong element in the film as well.

If you want a fun movie for Spanish class, Encanto would be great for elementary all the way to adults. I have a film guide which can be found here on TPT or Encanto Movie Guide. Plus you can get character introduction slides & extra cultural authentic resources here. The film is now on Disney+ & DVD.



Spanish class movies

Next, the movie everyone probably already knows about, but needs to be included, is Coco. This animated Disney movie is PG and works for elementary up to adults. The music and cultural connections are wonderful. It is the perfect Spanish 1 film. It has a cultural focus on The Day of the Dead, and themes of family, and is set in Mexico.

Find more resources for the film Coco in this Coco blog post. As a recap get my Coco movie Guide HERE or Coco guide from Mis Clases Locas shop & get my FREE character introduction slideshow plus post-viewing reading, speaking, and writing activity for Free HERE. 


El camino de Xico 

Spanish class movies

Also, El camino de Xico was created in Spanish in Mexico. It came out in Mexico a couple of years ago but was more recently added to Netflix.

I have a movie guide for El camino de Xico which can be found on TPT or here. It is rated TV-Y7, which means it would be appropriate for ages 7 and up. El camino de Xico is animated and very rated G. At the same time, there are themes of the environment, including fracking, which would make for great high school or college level discussion with units on El Medio ambiente, global challenges, and climate change.

It is an authentic Spanish movie from Mexico, that is very appropriate, yet could go as deep as you want with relevant themes. I think this movie would work in elementary on up. Find more resources for this movie in this blog post HERE.



Spanish class movies

Next, this newer movie is set in Spain and based on the characters from the classic children’s book. Ferdinand is a super fun movie for Spanish class. I have a guide that can be found on TPT or from Mis Clases Locas.

Ferdinand goes great with the book Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos and my level 2 class watched it after finishing the book. They did a speaking assessment to compare the book, new film, original Disney animated short with the same name. It also goes great with any studies of Spain or Bullfighting. I think this movie would work in upper elementary on up. Learn more in this newer Ferdinand Blog Post.


NEW! Wish

Wish in Spanish Class from Mis Clases Locas

Also, the newest Spanish Disney movie is the musical film Wish. if you are looking for a new Spanish kids movie, Wish is perfect! Wish is set in the Iberian Peninsula, where present-day Spain is located. The movie Wish has a very diverse cast, including an Afro-Latina lead. 

The Disney movie Wish is now available on DVD and digital download. Wish will be on Disney Plus starting April 3rd, 2024.

This Disney movie Wish is originally in English, but you can change the audio and subtitles if you would like on DVD and Disney Plus.

I have a Wish Movie Guide Questions Worksheet on my website.  Or you can get my Wish movie questions on TPT. 


Gato con botas: el último deseo

Puss in Boots Spanish Class Worksheet

The 2022 Puss in Boots sequel Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. It is a fun, animated fantasy based on classic fairy tales. This means it would work well with a past tense or fairy tale unit. You can get my newest Puss in Boots movie guide in my website store or on TPT.

El gato con botas: el último deseo has quite a bit of Spanish in the film. There are also deeper themes of mortality that could be discussed with an upper level class. 


NEW The Casagrandes Movie

The Casagrandes Movie Spanish class resources from Mis Clases Locas

Next, the newest movie for Spanish class on Netflix The Casagrandes Movie. On March 22, 2024, this spinoff of the Nickelodeon show The Casagrandes arrives on Netflix. 

The multigenerational Mexican-American family, The Casagrandes, travels to Mexico in the new film. Los Casagrande: película is an animated comedy, adventure, fantasy film. The Casagrandes has a big theme of family, with a positive representation of Mexican-Americans.

This movie ties in with legends and the indigenous peoples of Mexico. In particular, The Casagrandes Movie uses the languages and traditions of the Purépecha. The Purépecha are a group of Indigenous people in the northwestern region of Michoacán, Mexico.

The Casagrandes Movie would be great for a legends unit or Cinco de mayo.



Chupa in Spanish class

Next, one of the newest additions to this list of movies for Spanish class is Chupa on Netflix. Set in Mexico, Chupa is a live-action, family-friendly take on the legendary Chupacabras.

It has a positive representation of Mexico and being Mexican-American & would be great for Cinco de mayo in Spanish class. Pair Chupa with a legend or lucha libre unit.

Learn more in this Chupa in Spanish Class blog post. Get the Chupa movie guide in my website store OR Chupa movie questions on TPT.


Dora y la ciudad perdida

Spanish class movies - Dora

Then, the newer live-action movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold or Dora y la ciudad perdida is a family-friendly adventure. I have a guide on TPT or Dora Guide here that is in both Spanish and English, so you can use variations in every class you teach. If you want to turn it into a full film unit, check out many resources in this Dora blog post.

Dora y la ciudad perdida goes great for students who were fans of classic Dora. Plus it has the added themes of family and indigenous cultures of South America. I think the live action Dora movie would work in upper elementary on up.


El Libro de la Vida

Spanish class movies

Also, a movie to teach about Mexico and the Day of the Dead, that is a little more lighthearted is The Book of Life. I have a basic guide for novice Spanish. Kara Jacobs has great materials for upper-level students. It is animated and would work with upper elementary on up. I love this movie and I know many other teachers do as well! You can find out more about using it in this blog post here.



Spanish class movies

Also, the beautiful animated movie Pachamama is only found on Netflix that I have found. I have a guide here on TPT or Pachamama guide that is in both Spanish and English, so you can use variations in every class you teach. If you want to turn it into a full film unit, check out many resources in this Pachamama blog post here.

Pachamama is the shortest film on the list at only 72 minutes. It goes great with the themes of indigenous cultures of South America and the environment. While the movie is animated, it is a little slower-paced and with a couple of scary elements, it would work best with middle school up



Spanish class movies

Additionally, Selena is the oldest movie on this list, but one of my personal favorites. I owned this movie far before I was even a Spanish teacher, and you can probably get the DVD for a deal or rent it from your public library for free. 

Selena is based on the real-life story of the late musical artist Selena Quintanilla Perez. I have a guide on TPT as well as Selena guide on MCL that is in both Spanish and English, so you can use variations in every class you teach. It is great for a family or music unit, with themes of the Mexican-American experience. It is PG, but due to her outfits and romantic elements, I would use it in middle school and older. There are more resources in this Selena in Spanish Class blog post too.


NEW! A Million Miles Away

A Million Miles Away Movie Guide in Spanish & English

NEW in 2023! A Million Miles Away is a perfect film for Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish class. This biopic follows the real story of the first migrant farm worker to become an astronaut, Mexican-American José Hernández. 

A Million Miles Away is an Amazon Prime Video film. It is rated PG, but due to some scary moments and social drinking, I would use it in middle school on up. I have a ready-to-go movie guide in both Spanish and English in my website store, as well as available on TPT. There are lots more authentic resources about the real person in this A Million Miles Away blog post.



Spanish class movies

Another great film set in Mexico is Canela. Right now I can not find it to stream, but it can be purchased or rented on Amazon and Apple TV. I also have heard the movie is sometimes available on Pantaya. Otherwise, it can be hard to find a DVD copy to purchase. You may be able to find one at your local library if you ask. There are resources for the movie here. It is an appropriate movie that ties in many common Spanish 1 themes such as family, food, and the house while centering around the culture of Mexico and mole. 


Next, is the documentary Pelotero. It is set in the Dominican Republic & follows the story of 2 teen prospects for the MLB. It has tons of Afro-Latinx representation & pairs well with the book Felipe Alou. I used this movie for years, and my high school students (especially sports fans) loved it. It is a nice real-people option that appeals to the hard-to-please boys.

Pelotero is not rated, but I would say it is PG, with a couple of swear words you could skip if needed. Read more in this Pelotero blog post. Here is my new TPT Pelotero TPT Guideor Pelotero Movie Guide for Spanish Class.


Bonus! McFarland USA

Finally, this feel-good Disney sports movie is set in the United States. But, it follows the story of Mexican immigrant high school students who run cross country. There are many connections to the Spanish class such as a quinceñera, tamales, migrant farming, the immigrant experience, and much more. It has a great positive message and my students have loved it. (It is a bonus since I do not have any resources to share for it).


Spanish Disney Movies & Shows


Spanish Netflix Movies & Shows


Prime Video Movies & Shows for Spanish Class

More of my Movie Blog Posts by Theme


Christmas Movie in Spanish

Change the audio &/or subtitles to make the movie in Spanish! 

  • Jingle Jangle
  • Elf
  • Klaus
  • El Grinch
  • Los Reyes Magos
  • El expreso polar

FAQ – What is your favorite movie in Spanish for class?

If you want a Spanish movie for beginners, Encanto is my current favorite. 


FAQ – What is the most fun movie in Spanish for beginners?

Ferdinand is such a fun movie for Spanish class. I think it is a hidden gem filled with culture and humor. 

What did I miss? What are your favorite movies to show with middle school or lower-level Spanish class? Please share!

15 Appropriate Movies for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Tierra Incógnita

Bonus 1 there is a new Spanish language PG thriller from Argentina on Disney +. Different than many feature-length films, the eight episodes are only about 30-35 minutes each. If you want to show one or more episodes, check out many resources in this new blog post. There is a guide on TPT or Tierra guide on my website for season 1 if you want to try it out. The 34-minute first episode would be a great one-day sub-plan around Halloween. Plus check out Teaching TV Shows in Spanish Class.

Maya y los 3

Plus, there is a newer animated limited series on Netflix. Maya y los tres is set in precolonial Mesoamerica. It is fantasy but brings in many cultural elements of the diverse cultures that lived on the land that is now Mexico. It has nine episodes that are only about 30-35 minutes each and would be appropriate for elementary-high school Spanish. If you want to show one or more episodes, check out many resources in this new blog post. There is a guide on TPT or Maya guide here for episode 1 if you want to try it out. The 32-minute first episode would be a great one-day sub-plan.

What movies am I missing? Please let me know!
**Please note where the films are available to watch can change often as steaming services change their offerings. Please let me know of any updates on where you can find certain films!
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originally posted 5.14.18 by Allison Wienhold & most recently updated 5.1.24 on Mis Clases Locas

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