Black History Month Movies in Spanish

Author – Allison Wienhold

Published – January 6, 2024

Inside: Must-Watch Movies for Black History Month in Spanish Class. Celebrating Diversity and Empowering Students with films focusing on Afro-Latinos in Spanish class. 

Are you looking for impactful movies to engage your students during Black History Month in your Spanish class? Look no further! In this post, I have compiled a list of appropriate movies for Black History Month. They not only celebrate diversity of Afro-Latinxs, but also empower students with a deeper understanding of Black history.

Movies for Black History Moth in Spanish Class


Importance of celebrating Black History Month in Spanish class

Black History Month is an important occasion to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Black individuals to society. It is a time to honor their achievements, acknowledge their struggles, and understand the history of racial inequality. By incorporating Black history into your Spanish class, you not only promote cultural awareness but also create a safe space for open discussions about race and ethnicity. See Black History Month in Spanish class for many ideas and resources to use.


Benefits of using movies to teach Black History in Spanish

This post will focus deeply on incorporating movies into your curriculum for Black History Month. You can make the learning experience more engaging and interactive, fostering a deeper understanding of Black history and its significance in the Spanish-speaking world. Movies have a unique ability to captivate students’ attention and create a memorable learning experience. When it comes to teaching Black history in Spanish, movies can be a powerful tool to engage students and facilitate discussions on complex topics. Here are some benefits of using movies to teach Black history in your Spanish class:

  1. Visual and Emotional Impact
  2. Cultural Immersion
  3. Language Acquisition
  4. Critical Thinking and Analysis
  5. Promoting Inclusivity


How do you pick what movie to use for Black History Month in Spanish class?

When selecting movies for Black History Month in your Spanish class, it’s important to consider several criteria to ensure that the films are both educational and engaging. You want to make sure the fims you pick celebrate diversity and empowerment. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the right movies for Spanish class.

1. Authentic Representation: Look for movies that accurately portray the experiences of Black individuals and provide an authentic representation of their culture and history. Avoid films that perpetuate stereotypes.

2. Relevance to Spanish-Speaking World: Choose movies that highlight the contributions of Black individuals in Spanish-speaking countries. 


Movies in Spanish Class

I know as a Spanish teacher you are teaching about Afro-Latinx people all year, but this can be an extra special focus at the start of the school year. One of my favorite ways to specifically celebrate Afro-Latinx culture in Spanish class is through film.

If you are a long-time Mis Clases Locas reader, you know I love sharing culture-rich movies for Spanish class. In particular, I enjoy posting about appropriate films that can be used in all levels of Spanish class like 15 Appropriate Movies for Spanish class, Hispanic Heritage Month Movies for Spanish Class & Spanish Class Documentaries.

I know it can be a lot to wade through long lists, so in this post, I will just keep it to 6 movies to watch during Black History Month in Spanish class. If you can not show a full-length film, check out the Top 7 Short Spanish Movies on Disney+. 

5 movies to watch during Black History Month in Spanish class

Wish (2023)

The newest film on this list, Wish is a perfect film for Black History Month in Spanish class. The main character Asha has dark skin and braids. Besides being the first Disney main character with braids, the film Wish has a lot of diversity. The PG animated film is very appropriate, with positive messages for all ages. The film Wish is originally in English, but you can change the language if you would prefer to use it in Spanish. You can now find Wish on DVD & Disney Plus. 

Wish in Spanish Class from Mis Clases Locas

Vivo (2021)

The film Vivo has a positive Afro-Latinx representation, which makes it great for Black History Month. It is not centered around oppression, but rather a diverse cast living their life. Vivo is set in both South Florida and Cuba with a Latinx cast is perfect. Vivo has great music, including songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Gloria Estefan. Plus, the songs even change to Spanish if you change the Netflix audio! It is rumored to be based on the life of that fabulous Celia Cruz. Vivo is PG and animated, so it would work well for elementary to high school.

The movie Vivo for Black History Month



Pelotero (2011)

The documentary Ballplayer or Pelotero is set in the Dominican Republic. Pelotero follows the story of 2 Dominican teen prospects for the MLB. It has tons of positive Afro-Latinx representation & pairs well with the book Felipe Alou.

Pelotero is the perfect film for Black History Month in Spanish class.I used the movie Pelotero for years, and my high school students (especially sports fans) loved it. It is a nice real-people option that appeals to the hard-to-please boys. Pelotero is not rated, but I would say it is PG, with a couple of swear words. Pelotero is also a shorter option on the list, only 1 hour & 17 minutes.

Pelotero for Black History Month in Spanish Class


Encanto (2021)

Next is a film you might not originaly think of for Black History Month in Spanish class, Encanto. Encanto has a very diverse cast set in Colombia. A number of the family members are Afro-Latinx. The characters are intentionally diverse, to show the cultural and ethnic diversity present in Colombia. This positive diversity makes Encanto great for discussions during Black History Month. See the bottom of this post for a free cultural resource for the film.

Encanto for Spanish Class


On Our Land: Being Garifuna in Honduras (2012)

Finally, if you do not have time for a full length movie, the short film On Our Land: Being Garifuna in Honduras is only 19 minutes. This short documentary focuses on the Indigenous Garífuna culture in Honduras. This short film has interviews with community members, local politicians, and members of the Garífuna diaspora in the United States. On Our Land sheds light on an Afro-Caribbean group which is ofgten ignored in a country they’ve inhabited for centuries.

Black History Movies for Spanish Class

*As with everything, make sure to preview to make sure this film fits with your school culture.

On Our Land: Being Garifuna in Honduras – Trailer


Black History Movies – What audio, subtitles & guide should I use?

For the films that I have the DVDs, they have options for both English and Spanish audio, as well as English and Spanish subtitles. Be careful that many rented digital versions just have English. Always double-check audio and subtitle availability before purchasing films online.

Here is how I typically used the movies above in my Spanish classes. Please do whatever works best for you and your students to meet them where they are at. 

  • Upper-level Spanish – Spanish audio with Spanish subtitles. Spanish version of the guide.
    • (pre-teaching and pausing to discuss and check for comprehension)
  • Spanish 2 – Spanish audio. English version of the guide to check for comprehension.
    • (English subtitles if with a sub or very early in the year, Spanish subtitles if watching with me pre-teaching and pausing to discuss)
  • Spanish 1 – Spanish audio with English subtitles. English version of the guide.
  • Exploratory – English audio with English subtitles. English version of the guide.
    • (Using as a tool to discuss culture and Black History Month in Spanish).
Movies for Black History Month in Spanish Class shared on Mis Clases Locas

Black History Movie Alternatives

If for some reason you need an alternative to the films above, here are some ideas.

More Black History Month Resources for Spanish Class

To expand this movie into a deeper exploration of Día de los Muertos, check out the resources below. 

These are just a few of my favorite movies for Spanish class to celebrate Afro-Latinx culture during Black History Month and beyond Do you have any other recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below!

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