Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class

Inside: Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class. Resources for the Disney+ original show Tierra Incógnita to use in Spanish class. Tierra Incógnita en la clase de español. Plus Tiera incógnita temporada 2 is also now available on Disney+.

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What is Tierra Incognita?

If you have not seen it, there is a new popular thriller series on Disney Plus that was originally created in Spanish, Tierra Incógnita. This authentic show was created in Argentina in Spanish. What makes it especially exciting for Spanish teachers is that this is a PG-appropriate show, created in Spanish, that is engaging. Tierra Incógnita would work well in a Spanish classroom for grades 7-12.

You can see how I have taught using shows in upper-level Spanish with Go! Vive a tu Manera & El Internado + ideas for younger students with Maya y los tres. Plus check out Teaching TV Shows in Spanish Class.

How can you use Tierra Incognita in Spanish class?

Tierra Incognita is suggested for ages 10+ for jump scares and teen romance (according to Common Sense Media). Another site in Spanish suggested the show for ages 14+. There are some pretty scary moments that for sure made me jump. I am not a fan of scary movies, but this is more like El Internado or a mystery like El Orfanato.

Tierra Incógnita is not gory or violent. The budding teen romance includes simple kisses. It it similar to what you would see on a family sitcom or a Disney Channel show. There has not been anything that I have seen so far that I would feel the need to skip or feel uncomfortable showing.

In my opinion, Tierra Incógnita would be appropriate for grades 7-12 Spanish students. There are eight total episodes so far that are each about 30-35 minutes long of the actual show. So, if you were looking for a series that you could show each Friday in secondary Spanish, this could be the answer. Or, one episode could be a great sub plan, treat, or teaser around Halloween to get students to go home and watch more on their own.

Character Introduction for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish Class

I have found that introducing characters in Spanish makes watching a new show a lot more enjoyable. It is especially true with this show since a lot of characters get introduced in a short amount of time in the first episode. If you want to introduce the characters of the show in novice Spanish, I have an editable Slideshow all ready to go. Just enter your email below and they will be sent to you.

Episode 1 Guide for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class

I created an episode 1 guide for Tierra Incógnita which is all ready to go. It would be a perfect one-day sub plan or a fun 1 class period reward, especially around Halloween. The guide has also been added to my movie guide bundle if you happen to already have that.

UPDATE: The original resource was just a guide for episode 1, but due to requests I added to it. The resource is now a guide for season 1 of Tierra Incógnita. I added beyond the traditional episode 1 guide with comprehension questions. You now have two ways to get the guide! Tierra Incógnita Season 1 guide from MCL Shop or Season 1 guide on TPT.

See below for more info about the 12 additional resources that could be used with any episode.

What’s Included in the NEW Editable Tierra Incógnita Activities for Episodes 2-8

  • ✅ Sample season 1 of Tierra Incógnita lesson plan.
  • ✅ 12 Editable Google activities designed to be used with any episode of Tierra Incógnita.
  • ✅ 6 during & 6 post-viewing activities that mix it up beyond comprehension questions for the Spanish show.
  • ✅ 6 During-watching activities include Basic Character Chart, advanced Character Chart, Vocab Graphic Organizer, Events list – English, Events – Spanish & Graphic Organizer.
  • ✅ 6 post-viewing activities include Free Write in Spanish, Ensayo in Spanish, Create a Comic in Spanish, Chat in Spanish – Basic ?s, Chat in Spanish – Advanced ?s & Write about Chat extension.

If you want to collaborate on activities specific to the later episodes, please send me an email.

Tierra Incognita Season 1 activities

What Language & Subtitles for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class?

On Disney+, you can change the language & subtitles to Spanish if you like. As always, do what is best for your students and situation. Here is my go-to way.

  • Upper-level classes – Spanish audio & Spanish subtitles
  • Lower-level classes – Spanish audio & English subtitles
  • Exploratory or Culture class – English audio (& maybe Spanish subtitles for fun)

More support on HOW to teach a TV program in Spanish class

Trailers to use for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class

First, before watching you could play some of these videos to build interest. For lower-level classes, you could use a clip chat style, pausing and describing in basic Spanish. Or take screenshots of the video and project them. Then have students write or discuss what they see and what they wonder about. Finally, you could have students find cultural elements and then research to make predictions as well.

Trailer Tierra Incógnita – español – 30 seconds

Tierra Incógnita Trailer – español – 2 minutes

More Videos for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class

Also, for upper-level classes, you could use some of these videos in Spanish. They would be great for authentic listening comprehension related to the series.

¿De qué va a tratar? + Reacción | PeterRdzl – advanced

Interview – A solas con el elenco de “Tierra incógnita”


Tierra Incógnita 🎡 CAPITULO 1 – Watch AFTER Episode 1

Authentic Readings in Spanish about Tierra Incógnita

Also, you could use these resources for additional interpretive practice.

Authentic Tweets

Tierra Incognita Tweet
Tierra Incognita Tweet
Tierra Incognita Tweet

More advanced authentic readings for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class

NEW for 2024 Tierra Incógnita temporada 2!

It has been announced by Disney+ Latin America that season 2 of Tierra Incógnita was released December 13, 2023. This means it is the perfect time to review what happens in season 1 of Tierra Incógnita so you and your class are ready for season 2 in December.

Tierra Incógnita: Segunda Temporada | Tráiler Oficial | Disney+

To review season 1 to get ready for season 2 of Tierra Incógnita

Authentic article in Spanish – analysis de tierra incognita temporada 1

Quizlet Sets – Vocabulary, more vocab with long descriptions in Spanish, personajes

Blooket Sets for Tierra Incógnita – Detailed Character Descriptions, Vocab matching, Ep 1 y 2 True/False

Quizizz – Personajes

Video reviews of each episode of Tierra Incognita

This video is for episode 1, but there are videos for each episode.

Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class shared by Mis Clases Locas

Other Film Resources for Spanish Class

Finally, if you want a different series or film to use in your Spanish classes right now, here are some resources to save you time.

Other shows for Spanish Class

Film resources for Spanish class, great for Hispanic Heritage Month

So, if you want to try out Tierra Incógnita, get my Tierra Incógnita Season 1 guide from MCL Shop or Season 1 guide on TPT and bonus slides by signing up for my email list above & let me know how it goes!

If you have more resources for Tierra Incógnita in Spanish class, please share them in the comments and I will add them!

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