Ferdinand Movie in Spanish Class

Inside: Ferdinand movie in Spanish class. Resources for teaching about Bullfighting and Spain to use in Spanish class. Ferdinand movie guide, Ferdinand worksheet, Ferdinand Trailers, and more. Olé, El Viaje De Ferdinand en la clase de español

Ferdinand Movie in Spanish class shared by Mis Clases Locas

Why use the movie, Ferdinand?

Since I studied in Spain for a semester, as well as lived there for a summer, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have always enjoyed teaching about Spain through the novel Bianca Nieves. That unit was typically saved for the 4th quarter of Spanish 2 in my Curriculum since it ended the year on a positive high note. I saved the film for after the book as a fun way to end the year. It might be a children’s movie, but my high school students have overwhelmingly loved it.

Ferdinand in Spanish Class

Ferdinand is clean and rated PG, with a run time of 1 hour and 47 minutes. It is one of my personal favorite movies that I have shown the most in class on my list of appropriate movies for Spanish class. Ferdinand can be currently found on Disney+ or purchased or rented through Amazon, Youtube, or on DVD. It is likely at your public library to rent as well. Give yourself and your students a much-needed break this Spring and watch an enjoyable movie in Spanish class.

Ferdinand movie guide

If you are in need of a break and looking for a ready-to-go movie guide for every level you teach, my Ferdinand movie is for you. It includes character identification, 20 questions in English OR Spanish to use while watching, and post-viewing questions and character matching. It is the same format as many of my other popular movie guides. Update – I now have 2 places you can get my guide Ferdinand Movie Guide in my website store or TPT Ferdinand guide.

Ferdinand Movie Guide for Spanish class

What audio & subtitles to use for Ferdinand in Spanish class?

First, it all depends on your goals and the level of students. *If you buy a DVD or rent it online, make sure that the option for Spanish audio and subtitles is included before you pay. As always, do what works best for your classes. Here is what I personally do:

  • Spanish audio & Spanish subtitles – upper-level students 
  • Spanish audio & English subtitles – novice level students (what I used with my Spanish 2)
  • English audio – exploratory Spanish or culture class

Below are other resources you can use to teach about Ferdinand

(In addition to my Ferdinand Movie Guide or TPT Ferdinand guide.).

*Ferdinand Character Introduction in novice Spanish

Introduce the characters in basic novice Spanish before watching the film to help aid comprehension. Enter your email and the editable Google Slides will be sent to you.

Ferdinand Movie Trailers in Spanish

Show trailers before watching the film. Predict what is going to happen & introduce characters.


Songs for Ferdinand in Spanish class

Any of these songs would be a fun complement to a Selena unit.

Song – Macarena

Song – Lay Your Head on Me (Spanglish from Juanes)

El Toro Ferdinando – book

If you have more time and want to dig deeper into the original children’s story Ferdinand, check out the resources shared by Kara Jacobs. You could then compare and contrast the two Ferdinands (or 3 if you are also reading Bianca Nieves).


Typically my full Spain/Bullfighting Unit went in this order

Other Film Resources

If you are not interested in Ferdinand, here are some other movie resources to save you time. My top appropriate movies for Spanish class Blog post

Movies that have a lot of music

Other Movies for Spanish class

Ferdinand Movie in Spanish class shared by Mis Clases Locas

Ferdinand has been one of my favorite, appropriate movies for Spanish class for years. It has a great message while incorporating the culture of Spain. Make sure to grab the Free Ferdinand Character Slideshow above and the Ferdinand movie guide to teach it. If you have more resources for Ferdinand in Spanish class, please share them in the comments and I will add them!

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