Professional Development

Spanish teacher professional development from Mis Clases Locas. Presentations for World Language teachers in person and virtually. Are you interested in collaborating or having Allison present at a conference? Please send an email using the contact form! As a busy mom, time and conference presentations can be limited, (especially if they involve travel) so schedule far in advance if possible!

Past conference presentations have included being the keynote speaker at MALT (Montana Association of Language Teachers) and CIIA (Comprehensible Iowa), a specially invited guest presenter at Texas Foreign Language Association, Best of Iowa at CSCTFL, and multiple-time All-Star presentations at IWLA.

Additionally, Allison has been a guest presenter at a dozen virtual conferences. Her expertise includes: incorporating movement, teaching with novels, comprehensible input strategies, curriculum design, using music, teaching with films, sustainable planning for many preps, and classroom routines. See previous topics below for presentation ideas.

Spanish Teacher Professional Development with Allison Wienhold of Mis Clases Locas

What are the options for Personalized PD with Allison?

Professional Development with Mis Clases Locas can be held in person or virtually for your school or organization. If you would like to book an opportunity with Alison, put in a request for pricing based on your specific situation using the contact form.

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Invited Guest Speaker
  • Full-Day Workshops – 6 hours (2-4 topics)
  • Half-Day Workshops – 3 hours (1-2 topic)

Workshop topics with Mis Clases Locas could be any of the following:

  • Sustainable Classroom Routines
  • Teaching with Novels
  • Comprehensible Input Toolbox / Try Some CI
  • Activities for Acquisition (with movement)
  • Mix it up with Music
  • Master Movie Magic – teaching with films & TV shows
  • Curriculum Design/ Sustainable Planning for Many Preps
  • Using High-Frequency Verb Units
  • Weekend Chat
  • Standards-Based Grading
  • 1st Weeks of School
  • Differentiation in World Language Classes
  • Celebrate & Support Speaking
  • Assessments
  • Planning Workshop
  • other requested World Language topics
Workshop Testimonial for Mis Clases Locas - Allison Wienhold

Want to work one-on-one with Allison?

Need help with curriculum planning as your own department with many preps? Or do you want to learn more about one of the workshop topics above at your own pace? Schedule an individual meeting with Allison. These consultations are virtual via video conferencing unless you are local and want to meet in person.

  • One-on-one Consultation – 30, 60, or 90-minute virtual meeting with Allison

What do other teachers say about working with Allison?

Workshop & Session Attendees

  • “Excellent summary of many useful, handy & efficient activities for starting the year. Great options for a variety of situations/courses. So well done, helpful & concise!” – Michele Rynne Rhoades WLTS23 BTS
  • “Allison Wienhold’s presentation on teaching novels inspired me the most as I am trying to create a literature-based curriculum for my upper-level classes.” – Attendee at CIIIA18
  • “I really loved Allison’s session on routines.” – Attendee at CIIA22
  • “Your presentation was excellent. I have already tried some new activities with my classes!” – Heidi Keaster MALT23 Board member

Personalized School PD Workshop

  • “Thank you to Allison from Mis Clases Locas for coming to MISD and catering an amazing personalized workshop tailored to our school and language program! We learned so much, and have so many new and exciting ideas to start implementing. This was the best kind of PD!” – Marion High School World Language (Liz Henkel, Melissa Pickering & Hannah Baysinger)

Conference Organizer

  • “Allison is easily the most organized, prompt, and reliable presenter I’ve ever worked with in the education space. Not only are her presentations concise, actionable, and extremely relatable for other teachers, she works with heart and turns everything in early. It’s hard to find someone with more on their plate who consistently excels. She is highly sought out for a reason. Cannot recommend enough to work with other teachers or to consult education enterprises. ” Devon Gunning – founder of Practical & Comprehensible Conference & La Libre Language Learning LLC

Testimonial for working with Mis Clases Locas - Allison Wienhold


2024 World Language Teacher Summit Virtual

July 22nd, 2024 – FREE! (I present on bell ringers) – Get a Free Ticket to WLTS

Spanish Teacher Professional Development Summer 2024 with Mis Clases Locas - World Language Teacher Summit for Back to School 2024

2024 Practical & Comprehensible Conference Virtual

July 29th-31st – FREE! I present on Speaking Activities – Get a Free Ticket to Practical & Comprehensible

Practical & Comprehensible Conference 2024 with Mis Clases Locas

IWLA (IA) Conference: October 4th-5th, 2024 – Ankeny, IA

Comprehensible Midwest (WI): October 2024 – Ripon, WI

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference: June 2025 TBD

Spanish Teacher Professional Development with Allison Wienhold of Mis Clases Locas

Virtual Conferences are open for sign-up again!

See all currently open virtual World Language PD together on this page


Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference 2024 – Differentiation & Sustainable Planning for Many Preps

Urbandale Community School District Cabin Fever Day February 2024 – comprehensible input activities with movement & teaching with novels & Full Day Planing Workshop May 2024

Central Rivers AEA (IA) Workshop: February 2024 – Cedar Falls, IA – comprehensible input with movement & teaching with novels

Free World Language Workshop for Iowa teachers

Marion (IA) Marion ISD Spanish Teacher Worksop – CI Toolbox & Activities + High-Frequency Verb Units

MALT (MT) All Day Fall 2023 Conference Workshop: Billings, MT *KEYNOTE!*

Full Day World Language Workshop with Allison Wienhold at MALT

Fall World Language Teacher Summit Virtual Summit Fall 2023 – Classroom Routines

IWLA (IA) Conference: Keep it Novel! – 3 hour workshop on teaching with novels

World Language Teacher BTS Summit Virtual Summer 2023 – 1st Weeks of School

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference 2023 – Gilbert, IA – *KEYNOTE!*

Comprehensible Iowa Keynote Allison Wienhold

Practical & Comprehensible Conference (virtual Spring 2023): Refresh Weekend Chat

Keystone AEA (IA) Workshop: March 23rd, 2023 all-day workshop

Comprehensible Midwest (WI) Conference: Sustainable Routines

IWLA (IA) Conference: Master Movie Magic

Practical & Comprehensible Conference (virtual): Sustainable CI Routines

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference: Classroom Routines

IWLA (IA) Conference: Mix it Up with Music

Practical & Comprehensible Virtual Conference: 1st Weeks Daily Plans for Every Level – virtual

FLENJ (NJ) Summer Refresher: HFV² – High-Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual August 2021

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference: Transitioning to CI using HFV² (High-Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual)

CSCTFL (virtual) Conference: Best of Iowa – (C)I Like to Move it, Move It (encore)

Practical & Comprehensible Conference Virtual Conference: HFV² – High-Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual

World Language Teacher Summit Virtual Conference: Teaching with Novels

CSCTFL (MN) Conference: Best of Iowa – (C)I Like to Move it, Move It

TFLA (TX) Conference: I Like to Move it Move It! #TFLA2019 – Session Resources *featured invited speaker

TFLA (TX) Conference: Keep it Novel! *featured invited speaker

IWLA (IA) Conference: CI Toolbox (co-presenter Sierra Wessels) #IWLA19 Resources

IWLA (IA) Conference: Keep it Novel!

AEA (IA)World Language Collaboration Day: CI Toolbox (co-presenter Sierra Wessels)

World Language Teacher Summit Virtual Conference: Try Some CI

IWLA (IA) Conference: (C)I Like to Move it Move It! *All Star & best of conference

The Total Teacher Summit Virtual Conference: Movement in Any Class

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference: Keep it Novel! (CIIA18)

Spanish Teacher Success Academy Virtual Conference: Movement in Spanish Class

IWLA (IA) Conference: (C)I Like to Move it Move It!

CSCTFL (IL) Conference: Comprehensible Novels (CSCTFL17)

Comprehensible Iowa (IA) Conference: Teaching a Novel 101 *invited speaker (CIIA16)

IWLA (IA) Conference: Música en la Clase *All Star Invited Presentation (#IWLA15)

IWLA (IA) Conference: SSR: Sizzling & Savory Reading

IWLA (IA) Conference: Música en la Clase (iwla14)

Getting the most out of a conference


World Language & Spanish Teacher Professional Development


To get an idea of past workshops on teaching with novels, Comprehensible Input, using music, incorporating movement, and more please see the resources below.

Conference Resources for participants


The presentations below are meant to be a resource. Please do not copy or use any part of these presentations without the explicit consent of Allison Wienhold (Mis Clases Locas). 

CSCTFL20 – (C)I Like to Move It, Move It

S404 – Friday – 2:15-3:15pm – Greenway A

TFLA2019 – Keep it Novel!

TFLA2019 – I like to Move it, Move it


IWLA19 – CI Toolbox – with co-presenter Sierra Depping
+AEA World Language Collaboration

IWLA19 – Keep it Novel!

IWLA18 – All Star – (C)I Like to Move it Move it

CI: Comprehensible Iowa 2018 – Keep It Novel!



IWLA17 – (C)I Like to Move It, Move It


CSCTFL17 – Comprehensible Novels

CI: Comprehensible Iowa 2016 – Teaching a Novel 101


IWLA 2015 – Música en la Clase *Updated*


IWLA 2015 – Sizzling & Savory Reading


IWLA 2014 – Música en la Clase

My Presentation & Handout


These are resources from my presentation at the IWLA Conference on Saturday, October 11, 2014 in Des Moines, Iowa about baile viernes & música miércoles.


**Some of these virtual conferences are affiliate links & I will make a small commission if you choose to upgrade. Thank you for supporting Mis Clases Locas