Appropriate Spanish Language Movies on Netflix

Inside: Spanish language movies Netflix options for Spanish class. Appropriate Spanish language Netflix movies for kids.

Appropriate Spanish Language Netflix movies shared by Mis Clases Locas

The Best Spanish Class Movies

You know I love sharing about new and current Appropriate Movies for Spanish Class. I have multiple posts about Spanish class movies related to specific times of the year or themes.

A request recently was for recommendations for movies specifically on Netflix in Spanish. I know the End of School Year Spanish Class quite often includes a culture rich film.

I have this post broken down into 2 parts. First, authentic Spanish-language movies on Netflix (made in Spanish). Plus culture rich Netflix movies that have the option of Spanish audio &/or subtitles. You can see a quick summary of the included films below, and more details to follow.

Appropriate Spanish Language Movies Netflix

Spanish language Netflix movies for kids or Spanish class.

  • El camino de Xico (Mexico)
  • La leyenda de la Nahuala (Mexico)
  • Vacaciones de verano (Spain)

Nexflix Spanish Class Movies

Appropriate Netflix films with Spanish culture and the option of Spanish audio and/or Spanish subtitles.

Appropriate Spanish Language Netflix movies shared by Mis Clases Locas

Spanish Language Movies Netflix for Kids or Spanish Class

El Camino de Xico (Xico’ Journey)

TV-Y7, 2021, 1h 26m, Made in Mexico

family, animated, Spanish language film, the environment, Indigenous peoples of Mexico

First up is Xico’s Journey. I blogged about El camino de Xico in 2021 when it first came to Netflix. It is a cute animated adventure. But, there are themes of the environment, including fracking, which would make for upper-level units on El medio ambiente, global challenges, and climate change. It is an authentic Spanish movie from Mexico, that is very appropriate, yet could go as deep as you want with relevant themes.

>> El Camino de Xico Movie Guide for Spanish Class or the same Xico’s Journey guide on TPT

La leyenda de la Nahuala (The Legend of La Nahuala)

PG, 2007, 1h 24m, Made in Mexico

fantasy, horror, family, animated, Spanish language film, Day of the Dead, Mexican history

Next, La Leyenda de la Nahuala is a 2007 Mexican animated horror comedy film. On Netflix, the English title is Legend Quest: The Legend of La Nahuala. The film takes place on the Day of the Dead of 1807, in the city of Puebla, New Spain. This was before Mexico was known as Mexico. It is an authentic Mexican animated film with a strong focus on culture.

Vacaciones de verano (Summer Vacation)

TV-PG, 2023, 1h 40 min, made in Spain

comedy, family, real people, Spanish language film, Spain

Additionally, Vacaciones de verano was originally filmed in Spanish in Spain. Two friends have to take care of their kids for a month while trying to balance it with their temporary jobs at a luxury hotel. Vacaciones de verano is about “naughty kids and men unable to control them.” It was released in theaters in the summer of 2023 and was a hit.

Spanish Class Movies on Netflix – G or PG

Appropriate Netflix films with Spanish culture and the option of Spanish audio and/or Spanish subtitles.


PG, 2023, 1h 38min

Mexico, legends, lucha libre, chupacabra, Mexican-American identity, real people, family

First of the Netflix movies not made in Spanish originally is the newer film Chupa. If you are looking for a real people, but appropriate Netflix movie for Spanish class, Chupa is the winner. My own elementary aged boys loved this heartwarming story, set in Mexico. Many Spanish teachers found success using Chupa to celebrate Mexican-American heritage for Cinco de mayo.

>> Chupa Blog Post

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PG, 2021, 1h 39min

Cuba/Florida, Musical, family, animated, Afro-Latinx, family

Also, Vivo is such an underrated Spanish class movie on Netflix. Lin Manuel Miranda did the awesome music for Vivo. There is even a character based on Celia Cruz. Vivo is a gem that your students likely have not seen.

>> Vivo in Spanish Class Blog post with character slides

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PG, 2017, 1hr 11m

Peru, Indigenous peoples, the environment, legends, animated, adventure, Andes mountains

Next, the most perfect appropriate movie about the environment is Pachamama. It may have been originally made in Canada. But, it is centered on positive aspects of the indigenous peoples of Peru. It is a slower paced film, but only lasts 71 minutes and is worth the watch.

>> Pachamama in Spanish class blog post with character intro slides included

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The Casagrandes Movie

PG, 2024, 1h 25m

Mexico, adventure, Indigenous peoples of northern Mexico, legends, animated, family, growing up

Finallly, the newest Netflix movie for Spanish class is The Casagrandes Movie. It was created in English, but has a fully Latino cast and creator. So, the film shows positive representations of a multigenerational Mexican-American family. A family trip to Mexico turns into a fantasy adventure in this quirky comedy based on the Nickelodean show.

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Appropriate Spanish Language Netflix movies shared by Mis Clases Locas

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BONUS Maya y los 3

If you do not have time for a full movie, watch a 30 minute episode of Maya y los tres on Netflix.

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+ Spanish Language Netflix Shows in Spanish for adults

What PG Spanish Language Movies on Netflix did I miss? Please comment & let me know so I can add them!

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