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This editable A Million Miles Away movie guide is designed for Spanish students while watching the new Amazon Prime Video film A millones de kilómetros in Spanish class. These A Million Miles Away movie questions would be the perfect complement to Hispanic Heritage Month or the study of migrant farming, the Mexican-American experience, with a cross-curricular STEM connection to space. A Mexican-American migrant farm worker becomes a NASA astronaut in an appropriate PG film based on the real life of José Hernández.

There are 2 separate A millones de kilómetros movie guides, 1 in Spanish, and 1 in English for a Spanish class sub plan for any level for Hispanic Heritage Month.

What’s Included in this Editable A Million Miles Away Movie Guide

English A Million Miles Away Movie Guide – 3 pages all Google Editable

  • ✅ Page 1 – characters chart in English + draw the characters
  • ✅ Page 2 – 20 A Million Miles Away movies questions in ENGLISH + 2 post-viewing in Spanish 
  • ✅ Page 3 – 8 character identification in English – 2 versions (could be an assessment)

Spanish Movie Guide A millones de kilómetros – 3 p. Google Editable

  • ✅ Page 1 – characters chart in Spanish + draw the characters
  • ✅ Page 2 – 20 A millones de kilómetros comprehension questions in SPANISH
  • ✅ Page 3 – 8 character identification in Spanish – 2 versions (could be assessment)

Movie guide Keys for all six pages of the A Million Miles Away Guide included

Where to find A Million Miles Away?

  • You can find the 2023 movie A Million Miles Away on Prime Video.
  • It has a run time of 124 minutes – great for a Spanish sub plan for 2-3 typical class periods with the film & guide.

What is A Million Miles Away rated & what ages is it appropriate for?

  • The movie A Million Miles Away is rated PG. It has some social drinking & some scary moments but is very appropriate.
  • A Million Miles Away would be perfect for Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, exploratory Spanish, or a Latin American culture class. The differentiated options mean you could use variations of this one A millones de kilómetros guide with all levels you teach.

What audio and subtitles should I use for A millones de kilómetros? 

Prime Video has both Spanish & English audio & subtitle options. The film was originally made in English. You may have to change the audio/subtitles.

As always, do what works best for your classes. Here is what I personally do:

  • Spanish audio & Spanish subtitles – upper-level students
  • Spanish audio & English subtitles – novice-level students
  • English audio – exploratory Spanish or culture class

This is an editable Google Drive resource!


What other teachers say about similar Mis Clases Locas movie guides

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mis Clases Locas is my go-to resource when I decide to play a movie. All of her movie guides have the same format & my students know what is expected so we can get rolling right away. The format is straightforward & EDITABLE. – Courtney J
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ At first I was nervous about using this resource because I’d never used Google to present info, but this was super simple to use! The questions were well thought out and easy for my students to grasp. I purchased this yesterday and used it today. – Deidre L (Grades 10-11)

ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

  • ✅ Interpretive Communication
  • ✅ Presentational Communication
  • ✅ Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives
  • ✅ Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
  • ✅ Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives
  • ✅ Cultural Comparisons


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A Million Miles Away Spanish class questions and movie guide

A Million Miles Away Movie Guide Questions Worksheet Spanish & English