End of School Year Spanish Class Activities

Inside: Ideas for end-of-the-year Spanish class activities when you are having a hard time finding inspiration or motivation. End of the school year Spanish project and fun Spanish end of the school year activities. Last Day of School in Spanish Class Activities. 

End of School Year Activities in Spanish Class

It is that time of the year when we need just a little something extra to finish up the year. If you have not already, you can read my confession post from 2 years ago to see why the end of the school year last year was the strangest one yet. Plus, here is new this year running out of time at the end of the year blog post.


You are this close to the end of the longest year on record, you can do it! The students are squirrely, the teachers are tired, and the warm sun is outside. As the wonderful Laurie Clarcq said a few years ago, “students are not going to master much at this point in the year. Use these days to build confidence, find joy, strengthen trust!” Here are some ideas below to do just that!


Final Assessments in Spanish Class

I know most people would choose not to give Final Exams. But, if you are required, read Final Assessments for Spanish class for some ideas. If you need a project, I suggest my Spanish End of the Year Culture Project.


Music Unit in Spanish to End the Year

Music is almost always an engaging way to hook students. A May music bracket, where students listen to many songs and vote on their favorites is always a hit. If you’re looking for a fully digital option with Editable Google Slides & Google slides ready for voting, you might be interested in my newest music bracket for 2023.


Movie Unit in Spanish to End the Year

Sometimes with the wacky end-of-the-year schedules, a movie is perfect. For example, when I had exploratory classes, they watched a movie in Spanish during the long finals classes, since they did not have finals. Here are some of my favorite films for a Spanish with ready-made guides.

For lots of options for every level you teach, check out the Movie guide bundle in my website store OR Movie Guide Bundle on TPT. Learn more about the included films in this blog post.


Play a Game to Engage Your Spanish Classes 

Everyone loves a fun game that gets you out of your seat. For a COVID-friendly game that can be played outside, spread out in person, or even online, check out this post about 1,2,3 salta! Or try positive plates. 

If you are looking for Spanish class end-of-the-year activities, this blog post has tons of fun ideas as well. Fun Spanish Classroom Games to Increase Engagement


Mini Cultural Unit to end the year in Spanish class

Even if you are tied to a certain curriculum, the crazy end-of-year schedule sometimes allows for some flexibility. If you have a few days extra, a mini cultural unit is perfect! I put together a few of my favorite mini-units in this post. Some ideas include Las Fallas, La Tomatina, La Llorona, and more. If you still have a few weeks, this Literature Circle Unit would be a digital plan for the rest of the year for Spanish 3/4 including assessments.   


Culture Project

If you need an end of the year culture project for novice Spanish, I have you covered. I used this at the end of Exploratory Spanish, Spanish 1, or my novice credit recovery Culture & Civilization class 


Sr. Wooly

You can never go wrong with a wacky song from Sr Wooly. You can see how I use Sr. Wooly in this post. We have also done a fun Wooly music bracket, where students voted on who moved on and we crowned a Wooly champion. 



I posted about Blooket a couple of years ago and it really was a breath of fresh air at the end of the year. Many teachers are just trying it out now, so if you have not tried it yet, do it! Just search for ready-made sets or quickly import them from Quizlet. The class’s favorite versions were Gold Quest & Factory. 


Last Day of School in Spanish Class – Talk About Summer Plans


Need the last day of school Spanish class activity? Use this no-prep activity to talk about summer plans in Spanish (from TPT). Or now get the same activity in my website store as well. Last Day of School Spanish Worksheet este verano. With the differentiated options, I have used different versions of this same resource for the last day of Spanish 1, Spanish 2 & Spanish 3.

Este Verano last day of Spanish class activity from Mis Clases Locas

With nice weather, we used these printed double-sided with clipboards outside to chat and mix up the last week of school. {Or read this blog post to learn how you can use the EASEL add-on to do it digitally for virtual, hybrid or paperless learning as needed}


Go Outside!

For the last day of Spanish class activity, check out this post & this post for many ways you can take your students outside (& still learn something;)


End of School Year Activities in Spanish Class



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What else would you add? What are your favorite ways to end the school year in Spanish class?

End of the School Year Activities in Spanish class was originally posted 5.23.16 by Allison Wienhold – most recently updated 5.30.23

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