Final Assessments for Spanish class

Inside: What to do for a final assessment in Spanish class? Ideas for Spanish final assessments for exploratory Spanish, Spanish 1, Spanish 3, and Spanish 4.

Final Assessments in Spanish Class


Final Assessments for Spanish Class

It is that time of year again when everyone is trying to figure out how to assess their classes. Many schools are down to the home stretch, especially if you happen to be done before Memorial Day, like many small-town Iowa schools around here. 

Here are my tentative plans for the classes I was teaching the trimester this was posted. I wrote a post earlier about my Curriculum. At the time this post was published I was teaching using trimesters, with a plan to move to semesters the following year. Due to that, there was an extra elective class to fill in at the time. At the end of that school year, I was teaching 8th-grade Exploratory Spanish, Spanish 1 Culture & Civilization, Spanish 3, and Spanish 4.

Since this was posted a few years ago, here you can see my most updated curriculum in this blog post.


Exploratory Spanish Final Assessments

  • Exploratory Spanish Final Project – Create/Interpret Class Story
  • This was my 4th group of junior high students as a part of 6 week exploratory Spanish. I tweaked their final project each time to meet the needs of the class. I started by having them write and do something with a story, but I knew that would not work well for my class which was very IEP heavy. They had the additional option of instead, just using a story from class and interpreting it. You can see my most up-to-date exploratory Spanish plans for a quarter-long class in this blog post.
  • Since it was an exploratory class, during finals, they got to watch a film in Spanish with English subtitles. Their projects were due in advance and I used that time while they watched the movie to grade their projects. *For the newest movies this year I would personally pick Chupa or Puss in Boots 2.


Culture & Civilization – Spanish 1 Final Assessments

  • Spanish 1 Final Project – Spanish 1 Sub Plans End of the Year Culture Project OR the same resource from my TPT Culture Project from TPT
  • Spanish Culture & Civilization was an optional expansion/remediation for the third trimester after completing Spanish 1. It was a small choice elective with a mix of students who were trying again to pass Spanish 1, and those who wanted a Spanish elective. You can see the 12-week plan of the class in this Culture & Civilization post.
  • They ended the year investigating a topic of their choice and then presenting it to their class in Spanish. Students researched topics of their choice such as tamales, Los Incas, or visiting Puerto Rico. You can get the culture project intro slides & project description here. The Spanish Culture Project would work well as a final project in Spanish 1 or 2, or as a multiple-day sub-plan during an extended leave. 
Spanish End of the year Culture project


Update >> Assess Spanish Speaking Ideas

Spanish 3 Final Assessments

Literature Circle Unit – learn more in this Lit Circle blog post & get the full unit with assessments –  Literature Circles for Spanish Class Novels Lit Circle OR here on TPT

  • Interpersonal Speaking – Listen to each group ask each other questions and evaluate their book in Spanish. These Spanish Novel Conversation Cards in my store OR any novel question cards on TPT help support all students if they get stuck with what to talk about. They also provide support to students with IEPs/504 plans.
  • Presentational Writing – Individual writing assessment was done in class over the topics we have covered in this unit about their book.
  • Interpretive – Create projects either individually or as a group to share with the rest of the class what their book was about & how it relates to the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. (I ended up getting rid of this portion of the assessment another year due to time). 

Literature Circle in Spanish Class Final Assessment


Spanish 4 Final Assessments

La Calaca Alegre Unit – Introducing La Calaca AlegreChapters 1-5, Chapters 6-10, Chapters 11-15

  • Spanish 4 Final Assessment – The Calaca Alegre gallery walk included presentational writing, interpersonal speaking, and presentational speaking & interpretive reading of the book. This post gives more information about this project, which came from the awesome teacher’s guide. You can see an example project in How to Assess a Novel in Spanish class.

Final Assessments in Spanish Class


Final Assessments in Spanish Class – more ideas

At the time I originally wrote this blog post, you can see I used a lot more project-based assessments. Once we switched to Standard Based Grading, I moved more towards assessments by mode.

If you are teaching a novel, check out my many blog posts for specific novels, plus How to Assess a Novel in Spanish class. I would grade both the speaking and writing below using a proficiency-based rubric. 

Plus, check out Differentiation in Spanish Class for more ideas.


Speaking Final Ideas for Spanish Class


Spanish Writing Final Ideas

  • NEW – Read Writing in Spanish Class – for both activities & writing assessment ideas
  • Retell in Spanish – story, book, music video, etc.
  • Alternate Ending in Spanish – Write a new way to end your story, book, music video, etc
  • Review in Spanish – write a review of a class book
  • Write a letter in Spanish – write to someone to tell them about what you learned in Spanish class


Spanish Final Review Ideas



If you are not required to give a cumulative final, do an assessment over your last unit. Then use Appropriate movies for Spanish class to find a film that relates to your class to show to wrap up the year. Or you could compare a film to a unit or book you used recently.

Or Take your Spanish class outside & do something fun, like these games, or talk about your future plans for summer to end the year together.


More Resources for May in Spanish class

What do your final assessments in Spanish class look like this year? Please share.

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Final Assessments in Spanish Class originally posted by Allison Wienhold 5.11.16 & most recently updated 4.29.24

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