First Week of Spanish Class Activities

Inside: What to do in the 1st week of Spanish class. First day of Spanish class plans, the first day of French class plans, and ideas to get organized for the first week of school. Everything you need for the first weeks of Spanish (& French) class activities. The first week of class activities for Spanish & French class.
1st Week of Spanish Class Lesson Plans

The first week of class activities for Spanish

Back to school is always a time of so many emotions. It means a fresh start to a new school year as a teacher. This might mean new students, a new teaching assignment, or even a new school. Teachers always want to “get it right” in the first weeks of school to hopefully set a positive tone for the school year. Every year, I would do a complete overhaul of my first day and the first week of Spanish class activities, trying to find the perfect back-to-school formula. 

Well, what I have realized is that the ideal back-to-school plans for Spanish classes vary depending on your specific situation. So, in this back-to-school Spanish class round-up, I have put together all of my back-to-school blog posts and resources to save your precious time with your first week of class activities. So bookmark this post & get back to reading for fun by the pool!


Traditional In-Person 1st Week of Spanish Class Activities

1st Day Name Game Speedball

My #1 activity for the 1st day with new students of all ages is the name game speedball. This blog post now includes a free slideshow to introduce the game. If I could only pick one first week of class activity, I would pick the name game speedball!

1st Day of Spanish 1 Ice Breaker to learn names

First 2 Weeks of Spanish 1 – Super 7 Unit

My #1 suggestion for a 1st unit for Spanish 1/Exploratory Spanish, &/or as a review to start Spanish 2 is my present tense Super 7 unit. This is my absolute favorite unit I have created. I have personally used it a dozen times. *You can now also get the same Super 7 unit in my website store. 

Spanish Super 7 Present Tense Unit


1st Day of Spanish 2,3 & 4 activities

This blog post has my go-to plans for the 1st day of Spanish 2, Spanish 3 & Spanish 4. It started with just my very popular Mi Verano Find Someone Who, but now I have so many variations to mix it up & go beyond day one as well with the first week of class activities for Spanish. 

1st Day of Spanish 2-4 Mis Clases Locas


FRENCH CLASS 1st Week Plans

(Let your French teacher friends know if they need first week of class activities!)
1st Week of French Class Lesson Plans

More General 1st Week of Spanish Class Plans

1st Week of Spanish class Using Distance/Hybrid Learning



1st Week of Spanish Class Ready to Go Resources

Top BTS Resources for Spanish Teachers with many preps

Back to School MEGA BUNDLE (My #1 suggestion!)

Resources for every level you teach for the 1st month of school using comprehensible input. The ultimate time-saving bundle for teachers who have many levels of Spanish is the BTS Mega Bundle.**Update now have the option to get the same BTS Mega Bundle in my website store as well

Spanish Back to School Bundle


Para Empezar Bundle 2023 – Class Starters for a year

New bell ringers for every single day of the school year in Spanish class. This is my newest set of Para Empezar which includes the newest songs including the fall HHM8 Bracket. Classroom routines that will save your sanity this year. **Update you can get this same Para Empezar 2023 for a year bundle in my website store as well.

Para Empezar 2023 for one year from Mis Clases Locas

Top BTS Resource for 1st Week of Spanish 1

Spanish 1 Unit 1- Super 7 Unit

If you want to start Spanish 1 with comprehensible input and acquisition of the Spanish Super 7, this unit is for you. ( *You can now also get the same Super 7 unit in my website store too). Even better, get the Present tense Super 7 bundle for a month’s worth of activities focusing on these foundational verbs in Spanish. Or the same Super 7 Present Tense Spanish BUNDLE from my website store.

Spanish Super 7 Present Tense Unit


Original Back to School Bundle – 1st Week of Spanish Class Plans

The Spanish Back to School Bundle in my store OR the same BTS Bundle on TPT is the perfect resource for a new teacher. It has classroom forms including the syllabus, proficiency puzzle, newsletter, lesson plan templates, and more. At a new school, I started every single level with the resources in this back-to-school bundle. In later years, I used versions of these forms in all levels, but the 1st-week plans here are for just new to me level 1 students.

Mis Clases Locas 1st Week of School Plans


Top BTS Resource for 1st week of Spanish 2

For the first day of Spanish 2, I would now use this fue Find Someone Who. It only has one verb, went (fue), so it would be much better for a group with an interesting Spanish 1 last year. All you need to introduce or review is fui, fuiste and fue. Instead of or in addition you can use the same questions again in small groups using the fue Question Cards for more repetitions. *Update you can get the same 1st day of Spanish 2 activities in my website store as well. First Day of Spanish 2 Activity ¿Fuiste? Find Someone Who1st Day of Spanish 2 Conversation Cards.

1st Day of Spanish 2 Activity

1st Day of Spanish 2 Conversation Cards

Top BTS Resource for Upper-Level Spanish Teachers

My Go-To 1st Day of Upper-Level Spanish FSW!

Thousands of teachers have adapted this differentiated Mi Verano activity for a successful first day of Spanish class in Spanish 3 & 4. See below how you build and expand this activity to be a mini mi verano unit over a few days. Update you now can get First day of Spanish Class Mi Verano Find Someone Who in my website store as well. 

Mi Verano Find Someone Who for the first day of Spanish class

Mix up 1st Day of Upper-Level with Question Cards

Extend the preterite review of mi Verano with similar questions but in printable task cards. There are differentiated versions of multiple sizes to meet every student where they are at and to get many repetitions. Update you can now get Spanish Conversation Cards Mi Verano 1st Day of School in my website store as well. 

1st Day of Spanish Class Conversation Cards in Preterite

Mi Verano Bundle

If you want to have every preterite tense Mi Verano resource I have the Mi verano bundle is perfect for upper-level Spanish. There is a mix of digital editable Google Slides, as well as print Find Someone Who and Question cards, to be able to do something new each day the first week with repeated preterite review and practice.

Mi verano Mis Clases Locas Bundle


Resource for any World Language Teachers

Parent Newsletter

Communicate with parents about the importance of learning a language, as well as get a student/parent contract and video permission slip. All new for 2022 & now completely editable in Google Slides.

Spanish Class Parent Newsletter



Syllabus from my store or the same Syllabus on TPT 

Newly updated and fully editable for Spanish 1-4. Learn more in the syllabus blog post. 

Syllabus for Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and Spanish 4


Proficiency Puzzle from my store or the same Proficiency Puzzle on TPT

Students learn to distinguish proficiency levels & set realistic language goals. Learn more in the proficiency puzzle blog post.

Proficiency Puzzle for Language Classes


Spanish Classroom Set-Up

Classroom Tour


Spanish Classroom Library Tour

Classroom Library Your - Mis Clases Locas


Planning for the Year

Updated Curriculum

Mis Clases Locas Spanish Curriculum

How I Create a CI Curriculum for Spanish 1-4

All the info about how I use digital lesson templates to plan for the year, month and week in every single level of Spanish.

Lesson Plan templates for Spanish class

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Advice for New Teachers

Mis Clases Locas - Back to School - Advice

Sub Plans

Sub Plans for Spanish Class


Getting to Know Your Students

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers for back to school in Spanish class



1st Week of Spanish Class Lesson Plans


PLUS get all of these resources above to save you time for a steal Tuesday-Wednesday, August 1st-2nd with the big Back to School Sale! Use the code BTS23 on both TPT & in the Mis Clases Locas shop for a total of 25% off!

Mis Clases Locas Back to School Sale 2023

I hope there is something here that you can find useful as you plan for the 1st week of Spanish class and the new school year!

 Grab a free 1st day of Spanish class activity below!

First Week of Spanish class activities was originally posted 7.30.18 by Allison Wienhold, and most recently updated 7.31.23

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