Spanish Classroom Decor Posters with a Purpose

Inside: Spanish classroom decor with a purpose. Beyond cutesy Spanish class decor with posters for the Spanish classroom. Use expectations, word walls, I can statements, attention getters, and more decorations for decorating a Spanish classroom. Spanish posters for the classroom for free. Posters for the Spanish classroom.

Posters with a purpose in Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Spanish Class Posters with a Purpose

As a Spanish teacher, you understand the importance of creating an engaging environment. Decorations for your Spanish classroom or Spanish classroom decor is a crucial component of this environment.

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One of the best ways to achieve this is by using Spanish classroom decor posters with a purpose. These posters for the Spanish classroom can serve as visual aids for a productive learning experience. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what I consider essential Spanish classroom posters when decorating a Spanish classroom.

My go-to items for decorations for your Spanish classroom would be the following:

Most of these Spanish posters for the classroom are free.

See below for more details about all my suggestions for posters in Spanish for the classroom. I never had access to color printing. So, everything was printed on Astrobrights using black ink. You do not have to spend a ton of money decorating a Spanish classroom.

I Can Statement Posters

First, I Can Statement Posters are an essential component of any Spanish classroom. My simple posters below include the day’s overall communication objective in a clear & concise manner.

Yes, you could get super detailed with posters for the Spanish classroom. But, overall communication standards saved time and could be used at any level. Simple, effective and they make the admin happy. My I can statements are free Spanish posters for the classroom.

I can statements for Spanish class decor from Mis Clases Locas

Directions for My Free {editable} I Can Statement Posters

  • ✨ Print as many of each standard for each of your classes. (Ex. 4 classes, 4 of each)
  • ✨ Laminate & add magnets
  • ✨ Post for each level to keep the admin happy that standards are posted

These are super simple decorations for your Spanish classroom. They serve a purpose and save so much time writing standards for every level you teach!

Spanish Super 7 World Wall

Next, Spanish Super 7 World Wall is a colorful and visually appealing Spanish class bulletin board that I had up for years. This Spanish class decor had the purpose of learning important Spanish verbs. If you want posters in Spanish for the classroom, a Super 7 verb word wall is my number 1 suggestion.

These free Spanish posters for the classroom were an essential part of my Spanish class that helped to differentiate & support communication for all students. Using this Spanish Super 7 World Wall, you can help your students enhance their reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Spanish Class Decor - Super 7 Word Wall from Mis Clases Locas
  • If you would instead like to focus on the “little words” & not just verbs, you could also post the 100 most common words in Spanish. It has words like big, always, because, also, etc. Check out Spanish Class Word Wall & get the 100-word download here.
Spanish Word Wall High Frequency Words

Spanish Class Expectations

Additionally, Spanish class expectations posters are a great way to establish classroom rules and enhance a positive learning environment. These interpersonal expectations posters encourage students to prepare, interact, and engage in Spanish. These free Spanish posters for the classroom set clear expectations.

You can see the Spanish classroom posters hot-glued to the wall above my whiteboard in the picture below. As a teacher, I pointed to these often to help students understand what was expected. See Interpersonal Communication Skills Posters for more information about these expectations originally from Grant Boulanger.

Decorating a Spanish classroom from Mis Clases Locas

I also have another set of free classroom posters in Spanish with expectations for flexible seating & the start of class. You can see them in the bottom left of the front board below. Finally, the calendar is from @sracruzspanish 

Attention Getters

Finally, in any classroom, it is important to have everyone’s attention. I learned about Attention-getters to get everyone’s attention as a Camp Adventure counselor. They are call-and-response phrases that signal to students that they need to stop what they are doing and pay attention.

In a Spanish classroom, an example of an attention-getter is the teacher says “1, 2, 3” & the students respond “4,5,6.” When students say their response, they know it is their cue to be quiet, stop what they are doing, and listen.

In the image above you can see posters for the Spanish classroom that I printed my Attention-getters 4 to a page & had them at the bottom of my front board. I laminated them, added magnets & rotated them in for different attention-getters during the year to mix it up.

Posters with a purpose in Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Benefits of using Spanish Classroom Decor Posters with a Purpose

Using classroom posters in Spanish has several benefits. First, they create an environment that is conducive to learning. Secondly, they help students to communicate or to know what is expected. By using posters with a purpose in Spanish class, you can create a productive learning environment that will inspire students to do their best.

In conclusion, Spanish classroom decor posters with a purpose are an effective and easy way to create a productive classroom learning environment. Students must know what is expected and are supported. These posters can help create a Spanish classroom environment where students are encouraged to learn, grow, and succeed. As such, be sure to print these posters for your classroom!

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