1st Day of School Instagram Photo Booth

Inside: Photo booth for the first day of school pictures in Spanish class or back-to-school night. This fun Instagram photo booth will be perfect for any class. This photo booth was created for Spanish class but can be edited for any language or level. It would work well for staff PD as well.

Spanish Back to School Instagram Photobooth

The Instagram Photo Booth Story

I mentioned in my 1st week plans that I wanted to create an Instagram photo booth. I thought that this would be a fun thing to have set up in the classroom on the first day of school to help break the ice and document the day.

The idea for the 1st-day photo booth came from a group at freshman orientation on the University of Northern Iowa campus, where I recruited for Camp Adventure. I asked the group where they got their Instagram prop and how much it costs. They told me a local advertising agency designed and made it for them for $90.

Well, I do not know about you guys, but that would pretty much be my budget for the entire year, let alone just for a fun class prop. So I decided I would try and come up with a cheaper alternative. (It cost me $6 total).

Spanish Back to School Instagram Photobooth


First, I put together a document on Pages. I then went to the local copy shop where I was planning on getting it printed in color poster size. Well, a color poster costs $40, even if it just has a little color, so I went for the $3 black and white instead. My version is a little different since I personalized the user name and added the bottom buttons later after I realized it was missing something. **Update there are now a Google Slides & Canva versions

If you would like to make your own 1st Day Photo Booth please follow the steps below.

FREE Instagram Photo booth
cutting out the photo booth (missing the bottom buttons)


How to make your own Instagram Photo Booth for Spanish Class

  • Download this editable document to make it fit any class 
  • Get it printed poster size
  • Cut out the center of both the poster & poster board

FREE Instagram Photo booth

  • (optional laminate the poster for durability)
  • Glue the poster on cardboard or foam board 
    •  I used hot glue and also made reinforcements on the back with the extra foam board (see photo below)
FREE Instagram Photo booth
using hot glue to make side reinforcements
  • Set up in a classroom with directions & have fun!

Spanish Back to School Instagram Photobooth

I am planning on making detachable hashtags so students can add things like #Español1, #Español2, or special occasions like #DíadelosMuertos. If you would like yours to last and use it during the year, I would recommend laminating it. I spent $3 to laminate it for a grand total of $6 for the project.

FREE Instagram Photo booth
Trying out the photo booth

Also, for another option you could customize this document, print it out for students, and have them draw or add a picture of themselves to post in the room as a getting to know you activity.

If your class uses this, please share pictures with me!
Spanish Back to School Instagram Photobooth
Update: If you would like to download all of my back to school products together, you can find them here.

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