Super 7 Present Tense Spanish 1 Unit 1



Start your novice Spanish class with a unit focusing on the Super 7 present tense high frequency verbs (es, tiene, le gusta, hay, está, va a, quiere). This is the perfect first unit of the year for back to school in Spanish class. It is an editable Google unit for novice Spanish class. If you are new to comprehensible input and want a first unit for Spanish 1, this unit is for you. It works well for Spanish 1, middle school Spanish, exploratory Spanish, or for a review to start Spanish 2.

This original present tense high-frequency Super 7 verb unit for Spanish class includes:

  • A possible unit plan lasting up to 2 weeks
  • A 40 page Editable Google slideshow with personal questions, 7 brain break songs (one for each verb) with embedded videos, and a mini-story.
  • An open-ended free-write quiz
  • A student help sheet Google Doc with each question in Spanish, English, 1st person response, and 3rd person description
  • An optional Google Doc guided notes sheet (great for accommodations)
  • A story asking script & extension activity idea
  • BONUS story videos & 9 Quizlet sets now included as well!!

All of the above are editable Google documents.

The heart of this unit is special person student interviews, focusing on these 7 verbs. This could be used as its own comprehensible input mini unit over the course of a couple of weeks, or as a class routine that is spread out and done over months as a class starter.

Spanish Super 7 class best seller with 300+ 5⭐ reviews

  • I was super intimated about how to do a “Persona Especial” type activity but my students LOVED the embedded songs and this made me feel more comfortable presenting the content in a more CI based approach. I’m still working toward less grammar explanations and more CI and this was the starting point to help me bridge the gap! Great place to start! – Megan F
  • Teaching with this has made my life as a Spanish teacher so much easier…I feel like they can already speak and understand more Spanish just from knowing these high-frequency words – Samantha S
  • This is such a huge help to start the year with the Super Seven verbs. I have been wanting to do something similar but didn’t know how to go about it. This product is perfect! – Jackie J

This unit is best in person or hybrid. If you are fully distance, I would get Distance Learning Unit – High-Frequency Verbs – 1st unit for novice Spanish instead or as a compliment. Or for the best deal get the Super 7 Present Tense Spanish BUNDLE

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Spanish Super 7 Present Tense Unit

Super 7 Present Tense Spanish 1 Unit 1