Parent Newsletter for Spanish class

Inside: Are you wondering what to include in a Parent Newsletter for Spanish class?  Are you wanting to know how to start the school year with positive parent communication? I have just the editable parent newsletter for World Language classes.
Spanish Class Parent Newsletter

Original Parent Newsletter for Spanish Class post from 2014

I was inspired by Carrie Toth and this post on sending home a newsletter. So, I created my own parent newsletter today. In the past, I had a boring Word document parent contract for them to read and sign.

The contract part is still integrated. I included a permission form for watching movies and El Internado from Kristy Placido. I used a Pages layout that was more reader-friendly. It integrated some learning for the parents as well. I plan on emailing it to the parents, as well as sending home a paper copy with the students. My hope for future editions is to have the students write articles or come up with content. (Voiceover update from 2022. Unfortunately, that did not really ever happen).

Yep. That paragraph was the entire blog post. 2014 were simpler times 🙂

Why a Parent Newsletter?

  • Establishes positive parent communication. Builds family relationships with the guardians of your Spanish students.
  • Helps parents of any World Language Classes meet the teacher and discover why learning another language is important.
  • It is excellent for a first-year teacher or your first year at a new school to establish productive parent relationships.
  • Get parents involved right away with a contract and video permission form that they return.


What to include in a back-to-school Parent Newsletter?

Here is what I included in my 1st-week parent newsletter for parents of my Spanish class.

  • ✅ Why it is important to learn another language
  • ✅ How language learning works
  • ✅ Teacher contact information & Meet the teacher
  • ✅ Parent and Student contract (to return)
  • ✅ Spanish Video Permission form for authentic movies/ programs (to return)

My new fully editable 2-page Spanish parent newsletter could be edited to use in any World Language class.

parent newsletter for Spanish class


How to use a Spanish Class Parent Newsletter?

  • ✅ Send home a paper copy of this guardian newsletter on the 1st day of school.
  • ✅ &/or Email the Spanish parent newsletter out if a parent listserv is available. During the 2020 school year instead of having parents sign a paper and send it back, I emailed the completed newsletter. Parents filled out a simple Google form of yes/no I read & yes/no video permission. Do what works for you.
  • ✅ Later edit the newsletter template for regular, positive communication with parents for the rest of the year. (I always had great intentions of a regular newsletter. But, I think one per quarter was the best I ever did. I included updates about what each class was learning about & ideas for enrichment outside of school).

Spanish Newsletter for Parents

Other Ideas for Positive Parent Communication 

  • Positive calls/emails home. Pick 3 students each week to contact their guardians positively.
  • Invite parents, guardians, and other important people to be guest speakers in class. (Especially if they speak another language or have traveled).
  • Use the newsletter template & edit it to send regular updates home.
  • Invite people to come to observe the class.
  • Have a class social media that parents and students can follow for class updates.

Want this Parent Newsletter?

An updated editable newsletter template in Google Slides can be downloaded here.
Or for the best deal, get it as a part of the Back to School Bundle or even better the Back to Spanish Class Mega Bundle.

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Parent Newsletter was originally posted by Allison Wienhold on Mis Clases Locas on 8.13.14 & most recently updated 7.12.22

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