Valentine’s Day in Spanish class 2025

Inside: Valentine’s Day in Spanish class. 15+ Ideas from around the web for Valentine’s Day in Spanish class. Día de San Valentín en la clase de español. 

Valentines Day in Spanish class shared by Mis Clases Locas

Valentine’s Day in Spanish class

So, for many years we did not even acknowledge Valentine’s Day in Spanish classes at my school. Honestly, it depends on when it falls during the week and what else we have going on. This year it falls on a Monday, so if you want a fun Friday activity the week before, or to start your week, here are some ideas. 

Valentine’s Day – Para Empezar

Spanish Valentine's Day Digital Bell Ringers

If you are looking for a variety of activities to spice up the dreary winter, then this is for you. This has 3 weeks of daily activities that could be used to start a class or as brain breaks. You could start February 1st to bring a little culture to class each day leading up to February 14th. You can now get these same Spanish Valentine’s Day Bell Ringer Activities in my website store.

Or it could also be used all together for a couple-day mini-unit around Valentine’s Day. You could assign the editable Google Slides on Google Classroom as an easy cultural exploration sub-plan. You can get it as a part of this Valentine’s bundle as well.


Valentine’s Day – Find Someone Who

Spanish Valentine's Day Speaking Activities

This activity was designed as a communicative way for students to practice the Super 7 high-frequency words in the present tense. (es, tiene, hay, le gusta, está, va, quiere) It focuses on those commonly used verbs to talk about Valentine’s Day. Update – now you can get the same Valentine’s Day Spanish Find Someone Who in my website store.

It is a great way to keep spiral reviewing those important verbs all year. This speaking activity has multiple versions to differentiate for your classes, all the way down to exploratory. See how to use it digitally and socially distanced variations in this Find Someone Who blog post. You can get it as a part of this Valentine’s bundle as well.

Valentine’s Day Novice Interpretive Reading Activity & Slides

Spanish Valentine's Day Activities

If you only have a short amount of time to talk about the holiday, this quick authentic interpretive reading task would be great for novice Spanish students. It is made to support super novice Exploratory or Spanish 1 as a one-day in-class plan. You can get it from my website store too Valentine’s Day Spanish Class Lesson Reading Comprehension.

It includes a printable or digital interpretive reading over an infographic, as well as editable Google Slides for the teacher to project directions, discussion, and extension ideas. You can get it as a part of this Valentine bundle as well.

Get all three activities above for the best possible deal and a variety of activities using all modes of communication around Valentine’s Day in this Valentine Bundle.

Or you can get the same Valentine’s Day Spanish Class BUNDLE in my website store.

Songs for Valentine’s Day – Love & Break up Songs in Spanish

10 Spanish Love Songs for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Just Dance Songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Just Dance Partner songs in Spanish shared by Mis Clases Locas

Young Novice Students Valentine’s Day in Spanish class

Refranes y citas para el Día de San Valentin

El Mundo de Pepita always has such adorable stuff, such as these refranes y citas for Valentine’s Day.

Let your young novice students play a game while still learning Spanish. Or check out these posts with more ideas from Carolina, including resources for the movie “El Día de San Valentín, Charlie Brown.”

Other Resources for Intermediate Students

Decorations for Valentine’s Day in Spanish class

Spanish Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board shared by Mis Clases Locas

The conversation Hearts on the board above were created by my HS student assistant Carley on a Cricut.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board shared by Mis Clases Locas

This board above was all created by my student teacher Profe Sierra.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board shared by Mis Clases Locas

The letters from the abre las puertas board come from the door decoration from SraDavilaMadwid.

What other ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day? Please share! Remember you can get all of my resources all together in this Valentine bundle.

Valentine's Day ideas for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

If you are not into Valentine’s Day, here are other ideas for this time of year

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments!

Originally posted 1.16.17 by Allison Wienhold – most recently updated 1.21.23

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