Tumba Chapter 3 – Altares

Spanish I is continuing to read Tumba by Mira Canion. The teachers guide and audio book can be purchased herePrevious posts include introducing the novelChapter 1 & Chapter 2

Chapter 3 is focused on the alters created for Day of the Dead. Before starting the chapter we did the following activities related to las ofrendas and los altares. 


Video – Ofrenda

This Video on Vimeo does not have any words, but instead shows some of the vocabulary on the screen related to an ofrenda such as papel picado, flores, la Catrina, calaveras and more. It is perfect to use for movie talk, pausing and describing what is being shown. 


Altar infographic

We used this infographic last fall during our Day of the Dead mini unit. Students used their computers to view the infographic, while answering reading comprehension questions English. It could also be printed, or posted in the room to do a similar activity. To review for this chapter, I projected it, and we discussed in Spanish what elements are typically included. We also discussed what they would put on an alter of a loved one. 

Creating an altar
If we had not already done this in the fall, after reading chapter 3 would be a great time to have the students create altars for someone they know, or a famous person who has passed away. These could be drawn on paper and described, or actually created in class. 

Instead, after I read and discussed chapter 3, we listened to the audio book of the chapter and students drew out the altar that is described, as well as the other people and events in the chapter. They then explained their drawings to a friend, once again reviewing the chapter. 

More Resources for Altars
Anatomy of an Ofrenda Infografic

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