Spanish Class Christmas Songs

Author – Allison Wienhold

Spanish Christmas songs were originally published on 12.14.22 & most recently updated 12.18.23

Inside: Christmas songs in Spanish class with diverse music. The Best Spanish Songs for Christmas in older Spanish classes. Navidad en la clase de español. The best Spanish Christmas songs.

Christmas Songs for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

Christmas songs in Spanish class

¡Feliz Navidad! Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by using themed Christmas carols in Spanish or Spanish Christmas songs? Most lists I see are pretty traditional and elementary-focused, so I will include a variety of diverse songs for all ages. If you were hoping for more traditional Christmas songs in Spanish, check these out.

  • “Los Peces en el Río”
  • “Rosa, Rosa”
  • “Noche de Paz”
  • “Blanca Navidad” 
  • “Feliz Navidad”
  • “Campana Sobre Campana”
  • “Los peces en el río” 
  • “Mi burrito sabanero”
  • “El tamborilero” 
  • “A la nanita nana” 
  • “La marimorena” 
  • “Fum, fum, fum” 
  • “Que bonita es mi tierra” 
  • “Rap-pa-tap-tap” 
  • “De rodillas te pido” 

Songs for navidad

Are you looking for the best Spanish Christmas songs? There are many great Spanish songs for Christmas that can be used to teach in the classroom for Música miércoles, especially if you teach at a Christian school. When I taught at a Catholic school we were highly encouraged to tie in faith into our lessons. So, the holidays were the perfect time to bring in faith-based materials, especially music. If you are wondering what to do with these songs, check out the new blog post Talk About Music in Spanish Class.

As always, please preview to make sure any song you use works with your school culture and student ages. Make sure to balance out your Christmas content with other diverse celebrations like the Winter Solstice or Hannakkuh. (Here is my recent blog post with songs for Janucá). Here are songs to use in your Spanish class this December.

Best Spanish Christmas Songs

“Ya es navidad” by Ventino

My go-to Spanish Christmas playlist is the Ventino holiday album. This current, all-female pop group from Colombia has been in many of my past mania musical music brackets. Their Christmas album has a mix of covers of classics, plus this original song.

Un año más – Reik & more

This fun pop song features the Mexican rock band Reik and many other artists. This song would work well when discussing the new year.

“Noche de Paz” by Matisse

Ok, so I did include a more traditional song. The classic translation of Silent Night has been covered by many people over the years. (I love Ventino’s version as well). In the spirit of mixing it up, this is a beautiful version of Noche de Paz by the Mexican pop band Matisse.

“Gaitas Venezolanas Mix” by Afro Criollo

This is a new video & non-traditional pick and a mix of a few songs from the Venezuelan group Afro-Criollo, with a nice Winter background. From a little research, Gaita zuliana (“gaita”) is a style of Venezuelan folk music and dance from Maracaibo, Zulia State. It’s usually conflated with Christmas Music in Venezuela despite the genre not being particularly Christmas-y. This is because the Gaita began as the typical music style for the celebrations of the Patron saint in mid-November and then became ingrained along with other music genres for the Christmas season like aguinaldos and parranda.

“Santa La Noche” by Majo y Dan

The Christian music Spanish duo Mayo y Dan has some beautiful harmonies in their mashup song Santa la noche. If you teach at a Christian school, this Mexican duo would be a good one to check out for more Música miércoles songs.

“Tú No Bailas Más Que Yo” – Jerry Rivera & Don Omar

Finally, a fun salsa from Puerto Rican legends Jerry Rivera and Don Omar. This song was a pretty popular one from the 2022 Mania Musical Bracket, even though it is technically a Christmas song. I think it is fun to stretch what is classified as a “Christmas song” with different genres of music from diverse places.

It could also lead to cultural comparisons of the different practices of celebrating holidays around the world. You could ask in Spanish “Would you want to go to their Puertorican holiday party?” “How does this compare to your families’ traditions?

Are you wondering, What to do with a song in Spanish class?

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Christmas Songs for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

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These are just a few of the diverse Spanish Christmas songs. What else would you add? What are the best Spanish Christmas songs? ¡Feliz Navidad!

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