Best of 2018 for Spanish teachers

Inside: Blog posts for Spanish teachers. The best posts of 2018 from Mis Clases Locas. Binge worthy Nextlix shows for Spanish teachers, advice to first year teachers, using high frequency words, Quizlet Live Relay Races, Coco in Spanish class and much more. 
Best of 2018: must read blog posts for Spanish teachers - shared by Mis Clases Locas


This year Mis Clases Locas has had more readers than ever before. I thank each and every person who reads regularly, interacts with me on social media or in person, and has supported my store. Without this feedback and appreciation, I would not have a reason to continue.
As some of you may have noticed for the past couple of years my goal has been to 1 blog posts for Spanish teachers at least once per week. You may also have realized that this year the weekly posts may not be completely new. After blogging for over four years and over 400 published posts coming up with anything completely new is pretty hard. Also, some of the stuff from the archives is as relevant as ever, but may just need some updating. So to save myself time, as well as help to keep old posts relevant, I have been sprinkling in updated classic posts along with new content. It is my hope that bringing back some older stuff shows us all that we do not have to reinvent the wheel each year. Maybe sometimes you just need some incremental improvements. As always, if you are looking for more regular content, make sure to follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Here are the five most viewed posts of this year. Hopefully over break you have a chance to sit down with a hot beverage cuddled under a blanket and read the posts you may have missed, while you prepare for a fresh start in the new year.

Best of 2018 blog posts for Spanish teachers


5. 5 More Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

As a follow up to the popular post I did on Secondary Spanish Space about 5 Binge-Worth shows on Netflix for Spanish teachers, this post with 5 more was born. Since then I have others to add to the list like my personal current favorites Elite & La Casa de Papel. Also, to reiterate since I always get nasty comments about how inappropriate some shows on the list are, these shows are for Spanish TEACHERS to enjoy in their free time, not to show to students 🙂

4. Advice to a 1st year teacher –  10 ways to rock your 1st year

If you know a new teacher, share this post for some advice from a semi seasoned teacher. I know I have not been around that long, but I have made enough mistakes to share some wisdom of things I wish I would have done year one. 

3. How to Use High Frequency Verb Units

This post puts together answers for a lot of the frequently asked questions I get about how you can use a unit based on high frequency verbs, focusing on special person interviews as the heart of the unit. Check it out if you are interested in dipping your toes in more comprehensible input methods. 

2. Quizlet Live Relay Race

It is crazy that sometimes a quick tip about mixing up Quizlet gets as many views as this one about the relay race variation. It shows that as busy teachers sometimes as we need is a quick, no prep way to mix something up.

1. Coco in Spanish and French Class

I think it is appropriate that this post about using the movie Coco was the most popular post of  the year, considering 2018 was the year of Coco. Not only did it win 2 Academy Awards, but it won the hearts of teachers all over who wanted to be able to share the appropriate and well done film that celebrates the culture of Mexico in a very positive way. It not only fits well with Day of the Dead, but also with the themes of family and community.

Honorable mentions blog posts for Spanish teachers

These were other posts that were up there in views this year. Check them out is you missed them the first time around!
Best of 2018: must read blog posts for Spanish teachers
Happy holidays and enjoy time with the ones you love! I plan to unplug and spend quality time with my family. I will see you in 2019!

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