Best resources for Spanish class

Inside: The best of Mis Clases Locas resources for Spanish teachers for virtual and hybrid Spanish class in 2020. Top Mis Clases Locas posts of 2020. The best resources for Spanish class in 2020.
The best resources for virtual and hybrid Spanish class in 2020 from Mis Clases Locas

The best resources for Spanish class in 2020

2020. Just writing that is a whole mood. This is the year nothing really went as we expected. It is the year that brought me to the lowest points in my career, while also allowing for a lot of learning and growing. 
This past year has been the slowest one yet on the blog. 39 posts were published, but if you noticed many were just updated previous posts. With nearing 500 total posts, I have realized that sometimes my limited time is more efficiently used updating outdated older material, than starting from scratch. 
Also, now besides this blog, social media is often the place for my new ideas, since the idea of putting it into a blog post is much more daunting. If you want to keep up to date with what I post, follow on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, as well as sign up for the Mis Clases Locas newsletter. 
This year brought only 15 brand new blog posts. Most deal with virtual or hybrid teaching (shocker!). While many older posts are still pretty popular, below are the top 6 most viewed of the new posts. (my favorite number)

#6 The 1st 2 Weeks of Hybrid Spanish Class

Hybrid Spanish class - the star of the year


First weeks of Spanish class with hybrid learning in a socially distanced classroom. Back to school in 2020 teaching with masks, virtually, and socially distancing in a CI Spanish classroom. Plus, answers to frequently asked questions about socially distancing, free reading, and more in socially distanced, in-person, hybrid Spanish class. 

#5 Blooket!

Blooket! a fun game for any class
Blooket a fresh, new online game to add to your toolbelt. It is for sure the best resource for Spanish class to come out of 2020. If your students enjoy GimKit, they will love Blooket in person, hybrid or virtual. This new game keeps getting better and better with new modes being added all of the time. Super easy to set up and play in any way you are teaching right now. 


#4 High Frequency Verb Unit for Hybrid/Virtual

The best resources for virtual and hybrid Spanish class in 2020 from Mis Clases Locas


How to start Spanish 1 online with distance learning. This post details the high frequency verb unit for novice Spanish students who have never had Spanish before, or as a review for those who have. Plus now I have added a bunch more similar units for imperfect, preterit and Sweet 16 present after the overwhelming positive response to this original unit.


#3 How to Play Games in Virtual Class

Distance learning in Spanish class in 2020 from Mis Clases Locas


 Ideas of what to do during your distance learning Zoom or Google Meet session. Games and activities you can do virtually with any class.

#2 Confessions of a teacher mom during Quarantine

Confessions of a teacher mom from Mis Clases Locas


Distance learning confessions of a teacher mom during COVID-19 quarantine. Just a teacher keeping it real while teaching and being a mom from home. (This post was published in April during quarantine, but most is still spot-on relatable). 


The best resources for Spanish class in 2020

#1 Best Websites to Avoid CI Burnout

Technology for Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas


5 Tech tools for Spanish Class. My favorite Spanish class technology resources and website for schools with a computer or device access. These tech tools are especially useful for distance learning & 1:1 situations to avoid Comprehensible Input teacher burnout. Funny enough, I originally wrote this post in January pre-pandemic and had no idea how relevant this online tech tools would become in 2020! It was updated over the summer with more distance learning modifications as well.

Best resources for Spanish class – Activities to Save Time

Finally, if you are still looking for activities this month, I have holiday resources round-up post, which can be found hereor a bundle of all my holiday resources here.  Below are resources that you can use the next couple of weeks, or right after break, that require no prep and can save a little bit of your sanity.

Before Break

  • Find Someone Who – Pre holiday break – future – This is a perfect one-day activity to talk about plans over the break in the future tense. It is especially good, if you are trying to avoid cultural celebrations. Instead just focus on your students talking about their lives.
  • Plate Sketch Game – holiday edition – A fun holiday plate sketch game the day before break, perfect if you have a short class or just some extra time. This could be done virtually as well!
  • Para Empezar – Winter Holidays – If you want to add a little bit each day, here are 3 weeks of daily class starters or brain breaks, that could also be used to fill a couple of class periods.

After Break

  • NEW Digital Slides for 1st days back from winter break – Chat about break with quarantine friendly options that can be used in editable Google Slides in person, hybrid, online a combination of all of them.
  • Find Someone Who – POST holiday break – past – This is a perfect one-day activity to talk about what people did over break. Print it before break, have it on your desk & do not worry about what to do when you get back! OR use the TPT digtal overlay to have students complete on their computers. A great way to make sure you can ENJOY your break! For Spanish 1 or novice students without much past tense knowledge, I have versions just using one verb: fuiste find someone who & fuiste question cards.
The best resources for virtual and hybrid Spanish class in 2020 from Mis Clases Locas


Thank you for reading! Is there an idea of a post that you would love to see me write in 2021? Send me an email 🙂
Happy Holidays!

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