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Inside: How to play The Marker Game. The Marker Game is a fun game for Spanish class. An interactive and fun Spanish class activity.
Quick Tip: The Marker Game - Mis Clases Locas

After posting the picture above on social media, I had a lot of interest in how to play the marker game. The original great idea came from Cynthia Hitz in this post. It is a low-prep way to review a story, chapter, or chapter of a novel. All you need are true/false statements. Many people have different versions of how they play this game. Here is my specific v version with 2 teams. 


How to Set Up for The Marker Game

Before starting, I project the rules, which are listed below. When I had tables, partners were across from each other at tables, and the inside circle would rotate after three statements to switch it up. Now that I am deskless, we just set up two lines facing each other. (Make sure students lean down to do a head check to make sure they will not bonk heads. This step may have been added for that reason:)

Alternate – Have students sit on the floor with any object between them. Below you can see my Spanish 4 sitting on the carpet using mini stuffed animals.

 The Marker Game - Fun Activities in Spanish class blog from Mis Clases Locas

The Marker Game Rules


True statement: students race to grab the marker & hold up.  

  • The team with the most members holding the marker receives 1 point

False statement: students do NOT touch/pick up markers.

  • If nobody on the team touches/picks up a marker, the team earns 1 point (Both teams have the possibility of earning a point.)
  • If both teams hold up a marker, the team with the most loses 1 point
  • If a student touches the marker & throws it back, the person sitting opposite stands up silently. The team with a student who threw the marker loses 2 points!
Quick Tip: The Marker Game - Mis Clases Locas

Support all students with the Marker Game

To help out my visual learners, I have the true/false statements projected on a slide. I have them transition in one by one with my awesome clicker as I read them. It helps to also transition in the answer (T or F) after each statement so they can check who gets the point. Differentiation in Spanish Class has more ideas of how to support all learners. 

Below you can see an example from chapter 8 of the novel Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

Quick Tip: The Marker Game - Mis Clases Locas

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How to play The Marker Game. The Marker Game is a fun game for Spanish class shared on Mis Clases Locas

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What are your student’s favorite review games to play in class?

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