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I’m Allison, the teacher, and mama behind Mis Clases Locas. I share resources that save Spanish teachers time! Mis Clases Locas was created my 2nd year teaching Spanish after discovering resources online that gave me confidence as a facilitator of language acquisition. I have always been in my own language department and I wanted to try and give back to Spanish teachers to compensate for the resources that saved my time and sanity as a new teacher and mom, without time to plan. Mis Clases Locas show my growth as a teacher, including failures. Please know language learning is messy, but your students can acquire a new language, and you can save yourself time by not reinventing the wheel with ready-made resources……….

Teacher Mom Life

Becoming a mom has completely changed my views on teaching as well as work/life balance. My wonderful husband & I have two young sons and I would love for them to learn Spanish too.  Working with them has taught me so much about natural language acquisition, but also about time management and how precious my time at home is. I want to save other busy teachers time, by providing high-quality resources to save you time. I love to travel and have been to 16 countries, including Spain for both a semester and a summer, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico five times. 

Teaching Spanish – About Mis Clases Locas

I did not grow up speaking Spanish, but took four years starting in 8th grade, and went into college as a “deciding” major. I took the Spanish placement test at orientation since I figured it could not hurt. Somehow I was led to become a Spanish teacher and here we are. 

I have learned so much over the past few years and would love to be able to assist those who are just starting out as well. I have taught all levels of Spanish in grades 7-12 for a decade. My goal is to create a positive and supportive environment where language can naturally flow. I work to focus on learning language as a whole and focusing on what students CAN do. 

My curriculum has been a mix of comprehensible input strategies with story units, high-frequency verb units, music, novel units, films, and lots of movement in my deskless class. As a #deptof1, I have had the ultimate freedom to try new things. As the name
states, this means it can get a little crazy at times, but please know I am just a normal teacher trying new things and sometimes falling flat on my face. I support all teachers who are trying their best, despite whatever method you chose to use. 

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I am learning and growing every day, and hope that this blog allows me to reflect on this growth.  
Abrazos! - Allison