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These new baile viernes dances in Spanish bell ringers or brain breaks for Spanish class will start your Spanish class with a bang or provide a much-needed movement brain break in Spanish. “Baile viernes” is many students’ favorite day of the week, and it could be used any day. These 2023 Spanish culture dance warm-ups can be used in person, virtually, or hybrid.

What is included in baile viernes Spanish brain breaks?

  • ✅ Editable Google slide show with 22 slides of dances in Spanish
  • ✅ A positive way to start class & build classroom community
  • ✅ A weekly bell ringer or brain break for Friday, or any day of the week
  • ✅ A way to connect with students through pop culture, music, and dance
  • ✅ An editable Google slideshow to be projected
  • ✅ Baile viernes can be used in all levels including Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, & Middle School Exploratory Spanish as a fun classroom management routine.
  • BONUS – The 18 original 2014 baile viernes slides are also included, for a total of 40 slides (Both slideshow links are found on the instructions page)

Please note you must have access to Youtube and the Internet to play the videos.

**Please make sure to preview all songs before using them. I would personally use all of these with my high school classes, but know that all school situations are different.


Dance videos are perfect if you have active classes that need movement and brain breaks in Spanish. It can start class on Friday as a weekly bell ringer event known as baile viernes, or be used as a much-needed movement break any day of the week. It is essential if you teach block schedules in Spanish class. Dance brain breaks help build a positive classroom community as well.

⭐️ HOW DO YOU DO BAILE VIERNES? – Baile viernes! Dance in Spanish class

How do you get high schoolers to dance in class you ask? First and foremost as the teacher sets the example. You can make a fool of yourself learning the dances with them. Sometimes we might try a song and partway through the students decide they are over it. This is fine & usually because it is too hard, you can quickly change to their favorite by request. I have had classes that were never as into dancing, which is fine. Finally, I have found it is a great way to get those Friday wiggles out at the beginning of class. This is especially important on game days and before long weekends.


These are the original Spanish class dance slides with 105+ 5 star reviews

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s nice to have fun, clean songs that the students can listen to, dance to, or sing along with. Great for a brain break to get kids moving a bit.- Tamela B
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Extremely satisfied. One of my favorites and my students as well. We LOVE BAILE VIERNES. – Ole Ole Guacamole
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mil Gracias!!! I started this today and OMG my students loved it!! They already told me that they cannot wait until next Friday. This is awesome. With our 90 minute classes this is a great break and it refreshes them! Thanks again – Sylvia M


ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

  • ✅ Interpretive Communication – Interpretive Listening
  • ✅ Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives
  • ✅ Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives


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Baile viernes 2023