NEW Música miércoles 2024 Spanish Bell Ringers



Are you looking for brand new authentic music in Spanish for Música miércoles in 2024? These newly updated music bell ringers are what you want for Spanish class. The culture-filled songs from the past can be adapted for all levels including Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, and Spanish 4 as a classroom management routine. “Música miércoles” is the student’s favorite day of the week. Go beyond Hispanic Heritage Month with Spanish culture all year.

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What is included in the brand new Música miércoles 2024?

  • ✅ Editable Google Slides with 25 slides of current & authentic music in Spanish
  • ✅ A diverse selection of artists & styles of music for Música miércoles 2023
  • ✅ Each slide includes the title, artist, nationality, video, 2 questions in Spanish
  • ✅ All editable to be able to differentiate to every level of students you teach
  • ✅ A positive way to start class & build classroom community
  • ✅ A weekly bell ringer for Wednesday including culture & interpretive listening
  • ✅ A way to connect with students through pop culture & music
  • ✅ An editable slideshow to be projected (does not include any printable for students)
  • ✅ BONUS – The original 20 2016 Música miércoles 4 slides are also included, for a total of 45 slides of music. (Both slideshow links are found on the instructions page)

Please note you must have access to the Internet and Youtube to use this product.



Música miércoles (music Wednesday) is starting class by watching a music video (or lyrics video for those with inappropriate videos) of a current or classic song in Spanish and then answering questions or talking about it in Spanish.



In my first year of teaching, one of my biggest successes was música miércoles. Because of this tradition, many students’ favorite day of the week became Wednesday. Each week students would enter saying “Yeah, we get to listen to music today!” “Whooo, música miércoles!” I think this is because many students enjoy listening to music, and think they get to “waste” class time doing so. What they do not realize is this “waste” has the following benefits for them.



  • Listening to the Spanish language through song
  • Exposing them to new genres and artists of Spanish-speaking music
  • Learning the geography of where the artists are from
  • Hearing different accents and slang from various parts of the world
  • Getting catchy tunes in Spanish stuck in their head
  • Cultivating an interest in new music, enough to start their own Spanish Spotify playlist at home
  • Bringing up cultural similarities and differences
  • Making learning Spanish fun
  • Having students excited to come to Spanish class


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  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I really enjoy this! I have had students actually make playlists now-LOVE IT! I will continue to buy these each year!! – Sylvia
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My students LOVE música miércoles and your resources provide a variety of genres and artists that otherwise we may not know about and learn. Gracias ☺- Leonor (used with 10th-12th grades)
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love your Música Miércoles products! I’ve used them in Spanish IV before and now I’m using them in II and III this year. Thank you! – Melissa U
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My students love Musica Miercoles and are always looking forward to it. Now, they love Wednesdays…- Stephanie A


ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

  • ✅ Interpretive Communication – Interpretive Listening
  • ✅ Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives
  • ✅ Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
  • ✅ Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives
  • ✅ Cultural Comparisons


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*Please note, typically the songs in a Mis Clases Locas music resources stay the same, with new slideshows coming out regularly. This was one of the OG Spanish music resources created in 2015, so it got a significant upgrade for 2024.


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Música miércoles 2024 from Mis Clases Locas new Spanosh Class Music

NEW Música miércoles 2024 Spanish Bell Ringers