Name Game Speedball Slides Freebie

Get these Spanish Name Game Editable Google Slides to learn names in Spanish class on day 1. Build a positive classroom community in Spanish class during back to school. The number 1 1st day of Spanish class game.

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Name Game Speedball 1st Day of Spanish Class

Need Spanish icebreakers? Name game speedball is the best activity for any new group of students. It is my top suggestion for a 1st day of Spanish class name game ice breaker. Name game speedball is my go-to lesson for the 1st day of Spanish 1.

All you need is some kind of soft ball or object to toss around. That’s it!

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1st Day of Spanish Class Activity Name Game Speedball Ice Breaker

Name Game Google Slides

Try these newer name game speedball editable Google Slides for even more organization. Projecting the vocabulary & directions has greatly helped with supporting all students. Use these free name-game speedball slides to start the year strong in Spanish class. NEW the download also has French slides as well!

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Name Game Slides Freebie from Mis Clases Locas

1st Day of Spanish Class Ideas for all levels of Spanish

If you like this day 1 of Spanish class name game activity, get the Spanish Back to School Bundle for plans and resources for the whole 1st week of school.

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If you are looking for a great first day of Spanish class activity, the name game speedball is perfect!