2nd Day of Spanish I

“Spanish class is fun!” 

I overheard this comment from an excited and smiling Spanish I student on his second day of class. Hearing this comment made my day, and I instantly knew I was on the right track for the year. 

2nd Day of Spanish I - Mis Clases Locas


Day 2 of Spanish I included the following activities:

(see here for my plans for Day 1 & here for what actually happened)

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  • Viernes Chant – The Friday chant is an idea taken from the wonderful Creative Language Class and a regular part of all classes on Fridays. This was a great way to introduce how each letter of viernes is pronounced, as well as the phrase “What day is today?!”
  • Name Game Speedball – We did a review of introducing themselves, as well as adding on another round practicing “I am from…” & “Where are you from..?”
  • Introduction conversations – While the students were still in their speedball circle I paired them up with a conversation partner. They practiced asking and answering each other about their name and where they are from. Once finished, they found another pair and switched partners. They all continued walking around, speaking in Spanish and introducing themselves to new partners. I then added in “What is his/her name…?” and they would whisper this and point to someone else, who would answer “His/her name is…”  It was during this activity that I overheard the comment about Spanish being fun LOVED seeing everyone confidently speaking Spanish on day 2. 
  • Students wrote down what they had learned. Up until this point the students had not really sat down all class period. They took out a piece of paper and wrote down the new phrases they had been using the last 2 days. It was here that they brought up natural questions about using the “ll” in llamo as a “y” sound, as well as the use of the upside down question mark. 
Overall both sections of Spanish I went great. I love how there are so many “lightbulb” moments in the beginning stages of learning a foreign language, and each one is a reminder of why I am a Spanish teacher. 
Here’s to an amazing year!

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