10 Confessions of a Teacher Mom

If you ever look online and think that it is a sunshine and rainbows in everyone else’s teaching and home lives, please know it is probably not. By nature I try to be a positive PollyAnna, so I often spin things in a good way and share successes in my classroom. That does not mean that every day is a 10. Even if I do have a stellar classroom day, I may come home to a house in shambles, toddler meltdown, teething 4 month old and “fend for yourself dinner.” 

I read an article recently about how you can not have it all as a working mom. Something will suffer in the process and someone will judge you for the choices you make. I do not claim to have any magic solutions, but in honer of my first baby turning THREE on Saturday I thought I would share some Teacher Mom confessions. 
(If you are a reader who has no interest in bodily fluids and mommy talk, you can end here and come back on Monday when I get back to Spanish teaching talk). 

10 Confessions of a Teacher Mom

1. Over Christmas break I did not do a single school related thing (or even blog). It was amazing. 

2. I found a whole new level of panic when I woke up when I should have been leaving the house as a nursing mom. How am I supposed to nurse/pump, get myself ready, get the kids ready and be out the door in a total of 15 minutes?!? I asked my hubby to make me coffee on that fateful morning and realized in two years he had never used the Keurig. Cue coffee overflowing all over the counter. 

3. When the toddler wakes up at 5am to go potty, or in the middle of the night puking all over his bed, I may pretend to be sleeping and let my husband deal with it. I am up nursing at least once per night, so I think my ignoring is justified. 

4. Almost all classes just did Duolingo on Monday with a sub. Sub plans at 1am Sunday night after toddler woke up puking needed to be as simple as possible. 

5. The toddler can basically have any snacks he wants after school if they keep him occupied enough for me to nurse baby brother, while possibly relaxing on my phone. Luckily we have had an endless amount of Christmas cookies, candy canes and grandma’s suckers. And to think  he started life eating only homemade, organic baby food. #LifeWith2Kids

6. I ordered just dry shampoo on Amazon Prime. If you need to use to dry shampoo on a regular basis like I do, you probably don’t have the time to go to the store to buy it. 

7. I purposely planned a movie in one class to start us back from break to intro their new unit. This gave me a buffer planning zone for getting back into the swing of things.

8. All call announcement after school – “There is a maroon car in the teacher lot with an open trunk. It is raining and everything inside is getting wet.”
Me – “Well I guess yesterday’s frozen rain melted off my car and my trunk works again.” 
Good thing no one on small town Iowa wanted to steal the wet two strollers & pack-n-play in my trunk. 

9. Every single plan and activity I am doing this week was written by someone else. Muchas gracias Martina, Sara-Elizabeth & Mike Peto. 

10. Yesterday we had a surprise 2 hour delay, turned snow day. My kids were at daycare for the day when it was called and I was actually already at school. The kids stayed the rest of the day while Mom had a me day. I worked out, went grocery shopping, did errands, cleaned the house, and went clothes shopping Alone. Go ahead and judge me for not picking them up immediately and spending the day together. 

This is real life. 
The days are long, but the years are short.
It is a lot of work,  it I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Happy 3rd Birthday to the wild big boy who made me a mama. 

Do you have any confessions? Share below

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